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Structure - Dimitri Salmon


Chocolate Biscuit

  65g ground almonds
106g S2
213g egg
105g flour
    6g baking
  65g trémoline
130g cream
  25g cocoa
  65g chocolate dough
  70g butter


1. Mix the eggs, trémoline, sugar, almond powder and feste powders and cream. Then temper and melt the butter with chocolate to 45°C
2. Bake at 160°C for 10 minutes
3. Put 280g under 6P Royal

Crunchy passion

187g Cacao Barry Pailleté feuillentine
375g praliné
100g Cacao Barry milk chocolate (Or Noir)
  15g passion powder


1. Mix the feuilletine and praline then add the melted chocolate and passion powder
2. Put in the frame

Caramel apple

385g glucose
500g sugar
  75g butter
    1g Maldon salt
     2 vanilla pods
825g apple juice


1. Prepare the caramel with all the ingredients

Caramel jam

250g caramel   
    5g sugar    
  20g pectin    
  10g apple balsamic vinegar


1. Cook the hot caramel with pectin for 1 minute
2. Cool and add the vinegar

Fried apple

   10 apples (fried and cut) 
500g caramel
  20g gelatin powder
100g water


1. Cook the apples for 10 minutes at 80°C in the caramel
2. Add the gelatine soaked in water and put back in the vacuum
3. Drain and fit the apples against each other

Creamy passion

666g passion fruit juice
     1 bunch of cilantro
     1 bunch of mint
     1 vanilla pod from India
444g egg
518g sugar
  20g gelatin
666g butter


1. Infuse the vanilla, mint and cilantro in the passion fruit juice for 15 minutes then strain
2. Bake at 85°C, mash with the sugar and eggs then cool to 35°C
3. Incorporate the butter mix then fit and cure

Or Noir Chocolate Mousse

125g milk
125g cream
  25g sugar
  40g egg yolks
350g Cacao Barry chocolate (Or Noir)
450g rise


1. Make the custard with milk, cream and sugar and egg yolks at 85°C then cream, pour over the chocolate and emulsify
2. Add cream to 35°C 2 times

Black Glazing

186g water 
225g sugar 
225g isomalt 
180g glucose 
  99g cocoa 
    6g Red Dye 
    3g gold powder 
  19g water
  95g gelatin
100g milk chocolate
200g condensed milk


1. Cook the sugar, water, glucose and isomalt to 110°C
2. Cook the condensed milk to 85°C
3. For the syrup add the powder, chocolate and gelatin at 65°C
4. Mix