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Dimitri Salmon is the Belgian Chocolate Master. He’s born in Belgium and knew from early age that he wanted to be an artisan in bakery, confectionery and pastry. He started his secondary school bakery pastry in ITN in Namur. After his education he started as Patissier in “Boulangerie Normandie” in Jambes. After 2 years working in a bakery-pastry he wanted to enlarge his knowledge as patissier in a restaurant. After this experience he started in 1994 his own shop "La Dacquoise". 2 years later the shop moved to Gozée (near Charleroi).
La Dacquoise is a bakery, pastry and chocolate shop with a very good reputation. The shop is recently renovated and is known for very fine and delicious creations. The specialty is “Royal Chocolat” . This is a chocolate pastry with crunchy praliné and dark chocolate mousse.
Next to the intensive work in the shop, Dimitri also achieved some titles. In 2002 he was elected as best bakery-pastry artisan of Belgium. In 2005 he became with his team the 4th in the world championship “coupe du monde de la patisserie". And in 2009 he already participated for the Belgian Chocolate Master and became 2nd in the competition.