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Hans Ovando left his native Chile when he was barely 20 years old and headed for Spain to see the world and to learn gastronomy. His initial plans had to do with cuisine, but pastry crossed his path. He was educated in Hofmann, EspaiSucre, Sole Graells and has grown professionally by taking full advantage of his time alongside one of the most prestigiuos pastry chefs at present, Carles Mampel.
During his time in elBulli,Albert Adrià showed him that “the impossible becomes possible at once, and that miracles take a bit longer to happen”, and he has stuck to this approach to its most extreme.
Hans Alexis Ovando learns fast, very fast. His progression is brilliant. Few professionals have progressed so much in such little time. In 2008 he became the Best Artisan Chocolatier in Spain, and soon after is placed in the classroom of Solé Graells in Barcelona, where he teaches all types of courses. Now he is working in Bubo, he is the responsable of production in the factory. He describes himself as tenacious and tireless, essential qualities for the Final in Paris.