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1992 Aug - June 1995 St: Görans Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden. Chefs College

Sommelier Society of America's Certificate Course
The Certificate Course program is a 21 week study of the significant countries and wine regions of the world. Professional emphasis is on the varietals, viticulture specifics, techniques of tasting, food and wine pairing and service.

Languages Swedish is my mother tongue. My English is excellent, plus good culinary French.

Member of the prestigious Swedish årets konditor society Web site: www.aretskonditor.se


2012 – Present
Research and Development
Delicato Bakverk AB Web site: www.delicato.se
Stockholm, Sweden
Duties details – Working in research and development at Delicato means that I develop new and improve existing products and set the standards for producing, packaging and marketing these products. I also conduct basic tests and use applied research when working on food preservation, food quality and deterioration, making sure that hygienic conditions are maintained during processing, storage and packaging of products.
I also test raw ingredients for nutritional value and microbiological quality as well as checking foods for color, taste and flavor. I also develop new products and devise the techniques needed to produce these foods and maintain quality during storage. Another duty is to compare products with those of other brands and participate in surveys which provide information to management about new products and market trends. Finally, I also develop quality control procedures for the manufacture of products in our bakery

2011 - 2012
Executive chef
Creative Edge Parties Web site: www.creativeedgeparties.com
New York, USA
Executive chef/Executive Pastry Chef
Duties details – As the executive chef/pastry chef for Creative Edge Parties I was responsible for the quality of the food and the training of the staff. I was also responsible for making sure that the annual budget was met as well as developing new food items, scheduling of staff, supervise the ordering of produce and hiring and firing of staff.

Pastry chef (Consulting)
Dean & Deluca Web site: www.deandeluca.com
New York, USA
Corporate Pastry chef (Consulting)
Duties details – I was hired on a 6 month consult basis to implement and develop a new core group of American pastries (chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lemon bars cupcakes, muffins etc.) for the demanding New York clientele. The New York market was treated as a test market for the products and the recipes were developed for a nationwide spread. I was in charge of training chefs and associates in the new items. I were also in charge developing a flowchart in the distribution and production of the items as well as finding the right equipment and facilities to make sure the program would be a success.

2009 - 2011
Executive Pastry Chef
Chocolatebar Web site: www.chocolatebarnyc.com
New York, USA
Duties details - Being the executive pastry chef for chocolate bar means that I'm in charge of creating Bon bons and truffles for them which I sell through my company. Discuss new concepts with Alison and recipe development and try out! Training of her in-house staff in order for them to make sure that the quality the goods are met. Chocolate bar is outsourcing most of her products except Bon bons and truffles, pastries and cakes which I'm in charge of.

2009 – 2010
Chef de Cuisine
42 the Restaurant,
White Plains,
New York, USA
Duties details – I was in charge of planning the restaurants different menus that reflected on the seasonal availability that we have here upstate. I worked closely to my line cooks supervising the daily execution of the dishes. I also set up special menus for VIPs and cooked them personally. Another of my duties was to oversee the quality control of the food we checked in. Staying on top of pricing and meeting new purveyors to ensure that the products they had were right for the restaurant. I was also in charge of training the cooks into food safety, waste control and not to forget the recipe development of the savoury kitchen as well as budgeting and keeping track of the food cost.

2007 to 2009
Executive Pastry Chef
42 the Restaurant, Web site: www.42therestaurant.com
White Plains,
New York, USA
As the pastry chef at 42 I was in charge of planning the dessert menu on a seasonal basis, setting the budget for the department, working on food cost, train and oversee other chefs into executing the right procedure of the desserts I put in place and also research and develop new recipes for new concepts that we would take the restaurant to. Aside from pastries I would prepare breads and other baked goods and pasta as well work on a cheese program for the restaurant. I would also recommend and discuss parings of wine to my desserts with the sommelier.

2007 - To date
Gucio Chocolaiteri Web site: www.guciochocolaiteri.com
New York, USA

2006 - 2007
Chef de Partie- Private Dinner Service
Duties details- Chef de partie was my private chef and dining service that I started up. Cooking for families that needed a chef for a day or for that dinner party.

New York, USA
Duties details- I worked close to Chef Jonathan Sawyer overseeing the daily operation at restaurant Parea during their opening phase.

2004 - 2006
Personal Chef
The Dubin Family,
New York, USA
Duties details - I worked for the family for 2 years. My responsibilities where to prepare lunch for Mr. Dubin twice a week at his office and for the dinners I did 1 course, for the 3 kids 5 days a week and dinner for the grownups 5 days a week of 3 courses. Occasionally prepping for the plane journey food and traveling with them, sometimes, was also part of my duties. I planned a weekly dinner menu for the kids that consisted of fun and balanced nutritional meals for them and the grownups, Mrs Dubin always touched base with me in the mornings to tell me what she and Mr. Dubin liked to have that day. I always went to the market and picked out everything myself. Only organic foods were bought for the dinners. I was in charge of purchasing the food for the dinner and re-stock for breakfast in the morning but the housekeeper was in charge of breakfast. I worked by myself but I had a helper in the kitchen when needed, for large dinner parties. Mr Dubin loved Asian food so he would give me dishes that he loved to eat in his favourite Asian restaurants and then I would put my twist on them.

2003 - 2004
Executive Pastry Chef
Charlie Palmer Steak
Washington D.C, USA Web site: www.charliepalmer.com

2001 - 2003
Saucier, Pastry Sous Chef
New York, USA Web site: www.charliepalmer.com

2000 – 2001
Corporate Chef
Philipson och Soderberg,
Stockholm, Sweden Web site: www.philipsonsoderberg.se
Duties details – preparing lunch meals for a staff of 30 people on a daily basis

Chef de partie-Garde Manger. Chef de Partie-Hot appetizers. Chef de Partie-Poisson
New York, USA Web site: www.charliepalmer.com

Trainee Pastry Chef
NK-Bageriet Web site: www.nk.se/brod
Stockholm, Sweden
Duties - Learning the basics in baking, making pastries, chocolates, Bon-bon, ice cream making and Ice-carving


I took a 3 week Nutritional (Nutricook, with Stefanie Sacks,m.s.) course in cooking for people with allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases (including Celiac Sprue), cancer ,candidiasis (candida), diabetes, gastroesophogeal reflux disorder (GERD/heartburn), hypertension, hypo/hyper thyroids, irritable bowel diseases (colitis, crohn's) irritable bowel syndrome, kidney disease, overweight/obesity and parasites. We touched base on topics relevant to assessing personal food and nutrition status. Understanding what resources and choices are available in foods and making the necessary changes to achieve better health.


Swedish National Champion in pastry arts 1995

Nordic Gold medallist for young pastry makers Rosenborg, Denmark, 1998

World Championship (4th place) for young pastry makers in Barcelona, Spain 1998