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Swiss-Australian Geraldine Müller-Maras is no newcomer to the world of chocolate. Her wanderlust spirit as a professional culinary globetrotter has taken her all over the globe: she worked as commis pastry chef at Mosimann's in London, was hired by the Jardin des Sens in Montpellier (France) and the MS Hanseatic, the only 5-star expedition ship in the entire world, has taken her to see every bit of sea stretching from the Caribbean to the Antarctic. Then, after a stopover in France, she spent eight years seeking new challenges as a pastry chef in Australia.

During her 4 years teaching in Bangkok at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, Geraldine Müller-Maras and her colleagues were awarded with the 'Gourmand World Cookbook Award' in the 'Best in the World' competition for 'SOMTUM: a Meeting of Flavours, Tastes and Cultures'. In 2012, she returned to her Swiss roots and took up the position of Chef Chocolatier of the Atelier du Chocolat at Maison Cailler.

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In the words of Geraldine Müller-Maras:

Where does my passion for chocolate stem from?

Being Swiss, chocolate simply runs in my veins. Besides that, my grandfather also ran a renowned pastry and chocolate shop in Zürich back in the old days. Therefore, I consider myself lucky to be born with a passion for delicious chocolate.

Why do I participate in the World Chocolate Masters?

What happens if someone has an idea, which develops into a secret desire and eventually crystallises into a real project? Becoming nominated as the Swiss candidate for the 2015 World Chocolate Masters in Paris!

More than two years ago, this project started with me as a spectator at the Swiss national qualifying round for the World Chocolate Masters. Since the idea was already established in my heart, my head made the decision to participate in this year’s national qualifiers. Since then, the journey has been exciting and eventful, and I have learned a lot. And now I am ready for the final. So Paris, the Swiss are coming!

How do I prepare for the World Chocolate Masters?

The key steps for me to prepare for the World Chocolate Masters are as follows: an open mind to register feedback, receiving tips and advice during my preparations but not losing the thread of my initial idea. Of course, as in any competition, practising every step and every minute over and over again is essential.

How do I plan on convincing the jury members?

I love what I do. I give it my all and I am very excited to show the jury members my passion and my rationale behind each of the items I have created with enthusiasm for the 2015 World Chocolate Masters. Let’s do it! I am ready!

What do I hope to learn from this experience?

I AM learning and growing, testing my personal limits, accepting mistakes and becoming stronger mentally. That’s the real experience!