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Delicacy - Mariusz Buritta

Crispy bottom

Roasted almonds 50 g
Paillete Feuiletine 50 g
Milk Origine Java Callebaut chocolate 100g
Cara Crakine™ Cacao Barry 100 g

Melt chocolate and Cara Crakine™
Add mixed almonds and Paillete Feuiletine
Mix thoroughly


No flour sponge

Egg whites 125 g
Granulated sugar 40 g
Egg yolks 30 g
Butter 30 g
Dark OrNoir™ chocolate for Sowa 125 g

Beat whites with sugar
Add butter with yolks while mixing to obtain smooth mixture
Add chocolate melted at 30 ºC
Then add whites foam and mix gently
Roll out (5 mm) onto silicon paper
Bake 10-12 min. at 180 ºC


Chocolate ganache with whiskey (JURA)

Cream 36% 65 g
Glucose syrup 25 g
Milk Origin Java chocolate 270 g
Dark Origin Mexico chocolate 50 g
Butter 25 g
Whiskey (JURA) 40 g
Vanilla pod 2 g

Boil cream with glucose
Add melted chocolate, soft butter, vanilla
Add alcohol at the end


English Cream

Milk 3.2% 280 g
Egg yolks 80 g
Granulated sugar 60 g 
Vanilla pod 9 g

Boil milk and pour over egg yolks pound with sugar
Mix well and put back on the heat
Beat vigorously to obtain a temperature of 85ºC


White Velvet chocolate vanilla mousse with maple syrup

Cream 36% 325 g
Crème anglaise 160 g
White Velvet chocolate 130 g
Gelatin 10 g
Maple syrup 40 g

Melt chocolate in hot Crème anglaise (40 ºC)
Gradually combine with whipped cream and gelatin
Add vanilla and maple syrup


Chocolate suede

Cocoa butter 150 g
White Velvet chocolate 80 g

Melt cocoa butter and chocolate
Combine together


Cranberry jelly

Cranberry 120 g
White wine (GOLDEN KAAN) 30 g
Mayan and Aztecs spicy (CHIA) 2 g
Cane sugar 40 g
Pectin 2 g

Boil cranberry, wine, CHIA, and half of sugar
Mix pectin with sugar
Add cranberry at the end of boiling


Cigarette paste

Butter 50 g
Egg whites 50 g 
Powdered sugar 50 g 
Wheat flour 50 g
Cocoa Nibs 5 g

Mix all the ingredients together


Cranberry sauce

Cranberry puree 180 g
Powdered sugar 40 g
White wine (GOLDEN KAAN) 40 g 

Cranberry Puree combine with powdered sugar and wine
Boil until the wine evaporated



Lubricate silicon moulds with oil
Pour the ganache onto the sponge and cut using guitar
Then put it into the vanilla mousse
Cover everything with crispy layer
Freeze dessert in mould 
After removing form mould, create velvety effect 
Then put cranberry on it and decorate