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The Passion of Cortez - John Costello

The Passion of Cortez

Passion fruit pate d’fruit

Passion Puree 250g
Sugar (A) 25g
Pectin 5g
Glucose Syrup 100g
Sugar (B) 235g
Citric Acid 4g
Water 4g

Mix pectin & sugar A together, add glucose syrup and passion fruit puree then boil
As it starts to boil, slowly add the remaining sugar B
Boil until 107°c
Mix citric acid and water together then add to pan
Pour into frame and allow to cool

Anise Ganache

Alto El Sol Chocolate 400g
Cream - 35% fat 100g
Milk 80g
Passion Fruit Juice 180g
Salted Butter 65g
Star Anise 16g
Invert Sugar Syrup 20g

Infuse cream with Star Anise for 30 minutes, strain,
Place all remaining ingredients into the infused cream then into the Mycook/Thermomix and heat to 40°c on medium speed
Pour onto cooled jelly
Allow 24 hours to fully crystallise

Crunch base

Passion Fruits 10 pieces
Alto El Sol Chocolate 200g

Juice passion fruits (use juice in ganache recipe)
Place seeds into a dehydrator for 8 hours
Grind into small pieces
Add to precrystalised Altol El Sol chocolate and spread very thinly onto the set jelly layer
Cut into required size using a guitar cutter


Other ingredients required for Assembly
Alto El Sol chocolate for dipping
90 anise blossoms (three petal only)
Cocoa butter for attaching the flower
90 plastic sheets (30mm x 30mm)

Using precrystalised Altol El Sol chocolate dip bonbon and place plastic sheet on top
Allow to set
Remove plastic
Dip the stem of flower into cocoa butter and place onto dipped chocolate