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Three nuts - Alexander Ilyukhin

Three nuts

Filling “Three nuts”

Whole hazelnut 110 g
Whole almond 110 g
Whole pistachio 110 g
Sugar 165 g
Water 80 g
Invert sugar 50 g
Pistachio praline 10 g

Split nuts, make sugar syrup (made from invert sugar, sugar, water and boil to 117°C) and pour it over broken nuts.
Beat with blender to cooling.
Roll it up.
Allow to cool.

Cherry jelly

Cherry puree 400 g
Sugar 50 g
Pectin 4 g
Glucose syrup 50 g
Tartar acid 1 g
Cinnamon 0,1 g

Mix fruit puree, glucose and invert sugar and bring to the boil, then add sugar and pectin.
Boil it for 10min constantly stirring.

Chocolate ganache

Cream 160 g
Invert sugar 23 g
Dark chocolate “Cuba” 228 g
Green tee 20 g

Bring to the boil cream, invert sugar and green tee, strain it and mix with chocolate.
Cool it to 32°C.
Beat by blender.