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Exotic - Alexander Ilyukhin

Almond praline by homely recipe

Whole almond 325 g
Sugar 125 g
Water 50 g
Glucose syrup 75 g
Vanilla pod 1,5 pcs.

Roast almond into sugar syrup (made from water, sugar, glucose and vanilla pod) to brown color.
Allow to cool.
Beat by blender to liquid consistence.
Cool it.

Filling “Exotic”

Exotic puree 100 g
Cream 85 g
Milk chocolate Lactee Superieure 320 g
Lemon juice 10 g
Rosemary oil 10 g

Mix hot puree with melted chocolate, then add cream, rosemary oil, lemon juice.
Beat by blender.
Allow to cool.


Coating with chocolate “Equateur”.