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A Deliciously Delightful Dream of Tonatiuh - Jana Ristau

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A Deliciously Delightful Dream of Tonatiuh

Goat's milk caramel

sugar 60g
glucose syrup 20g
goat's milk 80g
butter 20g
milk chocolate Ghana 60g

Sugar and glucose syrup caramelized golden brown.
Deglaze with goat milk.
Homogeneous mix with the milk chocolate and mix in the butter.

Whole milk - spice - ganache

cream 100g
invertsugar 20g
sorbitol 20g
butter 25g
milk chocolate 225g
Telly Cherry Pepper 6g
cumin 0.25 g
oregano 0.25 g

Mix Cream with spices and bring it to a boil, let stand for 5 minutes and strain on the chocolate.
Mix homogeneously and work in the butter and sugars.


sugar 70g
water 20ml
peanuts 100g
butter 5g
Chipotle chili

Sugar and water boil at 118 ° C.
Stir in peanuts, stir the mass until the sugar crystallises again.
Dont stop stirring until the peanuts are separated from each other.
Pour peanuts on a Silpat and remove the excess sugar.
Put the peanuts back into the pan and caramelize until golden brown, add the butter.
Seperate the peanutsfrom each other , cover with salt and chipotle-chili.


Prepare the moulds: Insert small silikon leaves into each mould.With the airbrush cover it with gold colored cocoa butter. Rmouve the leaves Pour the mould full of tempered chocolate. Pour the excess chocolate out of the mould ensuring that all the corners or sides of the mould are evenly covered with chocolate. First fill in the goat`s miulk caramell, put some broken peanuts inside. Then fill it up with the whole milk ganache. Close the moulds with milk chocolate.