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Journey of the Buccaneer - Deniz Karaca

Journey of the Buccaneer

Candied Pistachio Nuts

225g blanched pistachio nuts 
175g caster sugar
 0.5g Murray River sea salt
100g water 


1. Roast the pistachio nuts in the oven at 160ºC with full fan for 10 minutes
2. Boil the sugar and water to 125°C
3. Pour the sugar syrup over the hot pistachio nuts and mix well until the sugar starts to crystallise

Pistachio Crunch

145g Callebaut Gianduja
  35g Callebaut Mycryo (100%) 
  95g Candied Pistachio nuts 
  60g Cacao Barry Pailleté Feulletine


1. Melt the gianduja and temper it with the mycryo
2. Add the pistachio nuts  and pailleté feulletine and mix well.
3. Spread into a praline frame onto a silpat mat
4. Leave to set

Lemon & Cocoa Pate de Fruit

  60g water
200g lemon juice
    8g Callebaut Cocoa Powder
     5g fresh sage leaves
  30g caster sugar (1)
    4g yellow pectin
  70g glucose syrup
420g caster sugar (2)


1. Combine the sugar (1) and pectin and combine it with the cold water, lemon juice and the sage leafs
2. Bring the puree to a boil, add the glucose slowly and boil again
3. Add the sugar (2) slowly and bit by bit and boil again
4. Remove the sage leafs and pour  into a praline frame onto a silpat mat

Buccaneer Ganache

Tea infusion
350g cream (35%)
  35g Serendipi certified organic Buccaneer tea leaves 



1. Combine the cream, tea and scraped vanilla pod and bring it to a boil
2. Pour it through a strainer and set aside to cool

3. Warm the tea infusion together with the glucose syrup to 40°C
4. Melt the java to 35°C and add the tea infusion mix and the butter
5. Emulsify all ingredients in a food processor and fill immediately


Additional Components
Gold metallic powder
99% pure alcohol
Cacao Barry Tanzanie dark chocolate
Chopped blanched pistachio nuts


1. Prepare the pistachio crunch and lemon & cocoa pate fruit as described in the recipe
2. Prepare the ganache and spread it on top of the pate fruit
3. Place the pistachio crunch on top of the ganache and press it gently in
4. Leave it to set for 24 hours
5. Spread a thin layer of untempered tanzanie dark chocolate on the side with the pistachio crunch
6. Cut the pralines into 18x30mm rectangles
7. Temper the tanzanie dark chocolate
8. Cool the 99% pure alcohol to -18°C and pipe some of the tempered chocolate into creating little chocolate squiggles
9. Enrobe the pralines with the tempered tanzanie dark chocolate and decorate each with a pistachio cluster tossed in gold metallic powder and a chocolate squiggle