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The Unexpected - Deniz Karaca

The Unexpected


100g plain flour
  20g shredded coconut 
  70g caster Sugar 
 1.5g baking Powder
 ½ea lemon rind
 0.5g Murray River sea salt
½ ea vanilla pod
  70g butter


1. In the mixer using a paddle, mix all the ingredients other than the butter together
2. Melt the butter and add it slowly to the other ingredients
3. Mix well
4. Sprinkle the crumble onto a silpat mat and refrigerate for ca. 60 minutes
5. Bake at 165°C for 15 minutes in the convection oven with half fan and set aside to cool

Chocolate & Coconut Soil

150g streusel 
  45g desicated coconut  
  30g Callebaut Cocoa Nibs 
  50g Cacao Barry Tanzanie dark chocolate


1. Combine all the dry ingredients
2. Melt the couverture and combine it with the streusel mix by rubbing it in until thouroughly coated

Crispy Cardamom Milk

1000g milk
  100g caster sugar 
  100g glucose syrup
  10ea green cardamom pods


1. Boil all the ingredients together and leave the cardamom to infuse into the milk for 5 minutes before straining it out
2. Froth the milk into a compact foam by using a stick blender
3. Spread the foam onto a nonstick mat and dry in the dehydrator for ca. 4hrs or until completely dried

Delice Mix

480g pure cream (35%)
162g Callebaut Select white chocolate
  20g Fair trade Arabica coffee beans



1. Boil the cream together with the coffee beans and leave to infuse for 5 minutes
2. Strain the mix onto the white couverture and combine well
3. Pour into a shallow container, cover the surface with plastic wrap and blast chill


1. Slowly whip the delice mix in a mixer using a whisk
2. Pipe with acetate lined 60mm tall pvc tubes half full with the whipped delice mix and push the guava sticks gently into the centre
3. Fill to the rim with delice mix and blast freeze
4. Fill the 40mm pvc tubes the same way, only without the guava centres
5. Remove from the tubes and acetate
6. Spray the 40mm delice sticks while still frozen with the white chocolate spray
7. Place the 60mm delice sticks onto a dark chocolate base and glace them with the dark chocolate mirror glace

Coconut & Lime Sorbet

125g coconut milk powder 
190g boiling water 
155g caster sugar 
  10g glucose powder 
    2g neutralin
250g water
210g coconut purée
  45g fresh lime juice


1. Sift the coconut milk powder and combine it with the boiling water (use a stick blender if necessary)
2. Combine the sugar with the glucose powder and neutralin
3. Add all the other ingredients to the sugar mix and bring to a boil
4. Pour into a pacojet container and blast freeze
5. Pacotize and quenelle ala minute

Chocolate Caramel Syrup

120g caster sugar 
  16g glucose Syrup 
  40g water (1) 
  40g verjuice 
  40g water (2)
    1g Murray River sea salt
  20g Cacao Barry Tanzanie dark chocolate 


1. Boil the sugar, glucose and water (1) to 190°C
2. Boil the verjuice, water (2) and salt and add it slowly to the caramel
3. Leave the syrup to cool down to 85°C and pour it over the dark couverture
4. Fill into a shallow container and cover the surface with plastic wrap

Dark Chocolate Mirror Glace

  45g water (1) 
225g pure cream (35%) 
340g caster sugar
115g Callebaut Cocoa Powder 
175g apricot jam 
  55g water (2)
  24g gelatine (gold leaf)
  90g nappage (mirror glace)


1. Hydrate the gelatine
2. Bring the water (1), cream & sugar to a boil
3. Add the sift cocoa powder and continue to boil till it 104°C
4. Heat the apricot jam and water (2) to 80°C and mix well
5. Strain the cocoa powder mixture through a fine meshed chinois
6. Combine it with the apricot jam and nappage
7. Let this mix cool down to 60°C, add the gelatine and mix well

White Chocolate Spray

400g Callebaut Select white chocolate
400g Callebaut Mycryo


1. Melt the white couverture and mycryo together and set aside till further use


Additional Components

Baby lemon balm
Fresh viola flowers
Dark chocolate bases
White chocolate thins


1. Prepare all components as described in the recipe