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Galaxy of Taste - Deniz Karaca

Galaxy of Taste

Butter Sable

150g butter (cold) 
  65g raw sugar  
150g plain flour 


1. Combine all the ingredients well and spread them onto a silpat mat
2. Bake at 170°C in the convection oven with full fan
3. Set aside to cool and blitz in the food processor

Crunchy Sesame Base

 30g Callebaut Gianduja 
   5g Callebaut Mycryo 
 90g butter sable 
 15g black sesame seeds
 65g Cacao Barry Pailleté Feulletine
0.5g Murray River sea salt 


1. Melt the gianduja and temper it with the mycryo
2. Add the shortbread, sesame seeds,  pailleté feulletine and sea salt and mix well.
3. Spread onto a guitar sheet, put another guitar sheet on top and roll quite thin
4. Leave to set in the refrigerator and cut into little triangles

Raspberry & Basil Gel

  45g caster sugar (1)
    2g fresh greek basil leaves 
    6g pectin NH
150g raspberry purée 
  30g glucose syrup 
120g isomalt
120g caster Sugar (2)
    6g citric acid solution (50-50)  


1. Combine the sugar (1) and pectin and combine it with the cold raspberry puree and the basil
2. Bring the puree to a boil, add the glucose and boil again
3. Add the isomalt and boil again
4. Add the sugar (2) and boil again
5. Add the acid, remove the basil leafs and set aside to cool
6. When completely cooled down, mix into a smooth gel in the food processor

Chocolate Ganache

300g cream 35%
  15g serendipi certified organic chocolates leafs
    1g vanilla pods
210g tea infusion
  25g glucose syrup
280g Callebaut java milk chocolate 32%
  75g butter


1. Combine the cream, tea and scraped vanilla pod and bring it to a boil
2. Pour it through a strainer and set aside to cool

3. Warm the tea infusion together with the glucose syrup to 40°C
4. Melt the java to 35°C and add the tea infusion mix and the butter
5. Emulsify all ingredients in a food processor and fill



  1. Additional Components
  2. Black coloured cocoa butter
  3. White coloured cocoa butter
  4. Cacao Barry Tanzanie dark chocolate


1. Prepare all components as described in the recipe
2. Spray the moulds in a freckle pattern with the white cocoa butter
3. Once the white cocoa butter has set spray a layers of black cocoa butter on top
4. Temper the tanzanie dark chocolate and coat the moulds with it
5. Fill in the raspberry & basil gel, followed by the ganache
6. Put the cut out crunchy sesame bases on top and press them gently in
7. Leave to set in the refrigerator and close with more of the tanzanie dark chocolate
8. Leave to contract and demould