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Skyline - Marike Van Beurden

Pear and Cassia Cinnamon cremeux

145g pear purée
 1.1g Cassia cinnamon powder
  65g egg yolks
  11g sugar
145g Callebaut Arriba milk chocolate
150g Callebaut Arriba milk chocolate
150g Callebaut Cacoaboter 150g
150g Cacao Barry Extra bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate


1. Cook a crème anglaise with the puree, yolks, sugar and cinnamon.
2. Add the chocolate and mix, 15g à mold
3. Freeze and dip in the coating

Flexible Guayaquil & bergamot cream

375g milk     
  20g bergamot zest   
  40g bergamot puree    
  25g sugar    
 2.5g X58    
238g Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate
    10 drops bergamot arome 


1. Heat up the milk with the zest for infusion
2. Add the sugar and X58 at 40ºC, bring to boil
3. Strain on top of the chocolate add the arome and mix
4. 15 g a mold and piping bag

Chocolate and Bergamot crumble

100g butter    
  50g cassonade        
  15g bergamot zest    
  80g flour    
  20g Callebaut cocoa powder  
 0.8g seasalt


1. Mix all ingredients together
2. Roll the dough on 0.5cm height
3. Bake on a silpain at 160°C 

Chocolate and Honey Tuile

113g cassonade sugar  
  75g butter   
  40g flour   
  20g Callebaut Cacao powder 
  90g Manuka Honey


1. Soften the butter with the sugar
2. Add the honey
3. Followed bu the sieved flour and cacao powder
4. Bake at 180 ºC for 8 min
5. Cut and shape directly

Pear Sorbet

175g syrup 33 º    
  25g Manuka Honey    
  15g cassia Cinnamon   
500g pear purée 


1. Heat up the syrup, with the honey and cinnamon
2. Strain and mix with the pear puree
3. Place in pacojet bowls

Chocolate Feuilletine

125g Callebaut Feuilletine   
  55g Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil 


1. Mix both ingredients together

Bergamot Lemon Jelly

  88g water      
175g bergamot juice   
     ½ vanilla pod    
175g sugar
  3.5g yellow pectin
      5 drops bergamot aroma 


1. Cook all ingredients except the aroma together till 106 ºC
2. Strain and add the aroma. 

Salted Caramelized Mexican chocolate IC

500g milk     
  23g milkpowder 1% milkfat   
  38g sugar    
  45g glucose    
    3g stabilizer    
    5g Stevia     
    3g seasalt
148g Cacao Barry Mexico dark chocolate 


1. Heat up the milk with the milk powder
2. Caramelize the sugar the glucose, quench with the hot milk
3. Add stevia, salt and stabilizer bring to boil
4. Pour on top of the chocolate and mix
5. Place in pacojet bowls

Bergamot mascarpone

250g mascarpone
  20g sugar
    10 drops bergamot aroma


1. Mix all three ingredients, and place in pipingbag

Warm pear compote

1000g pear brunoise   
         1 Tahiti Vanilla   
         8 star anis   
    16g cassia Cinnamon  
      3g Voatsiperifery pepper     
         2 gloves

Metil mixture    
   200g pear juice      
     10g Metil    


1. Toast the spice and cook pear compote together with the vanilla
2. Take out all spices and mix slightly
3. Add 6 turns of voatsiperifery pepper with the peppermill
4. Mix both ingredients together
5. For 390g of compote, add 120g of metil mixture and bring to boil together                            6. Place in the silicone moulds, freeze 
7. Demould and defrost
8. Steam just before serving.

Pear infusion Juice

660g pear juice    
       1 Tahiti Vanilla (emptied)  
       4 star anis   
  12g cassia Cinnamon   
    2g Voatsiperifery pepper     
       4 gloves 


1.Toast the spice
2. Bring to boil the spices and juice.
3. Strain and add the fresh pear to infuse



  1. Extra elements Manuka honey freeze dried flakes of Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate decorations