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Blossom³ - Marike Van Beurden


50g Callebaut Feuilletine  
50g shortbread 
40g praline rose
20g Callebaut crushed cacao kernels 
35g peta zeta 
65g Callebaut Pure roasted amandel paste 
45g Cacao Barry Madirofolo (65 %)  
  1g salt


1. Mix all together and spread out on 2.5mm
2. A thin layer of chocolate on one of the sides


200g apricot purée 
100g passion fruit purée 
      3 cardamon pieces
   1/2 staranis pieces
   1/2 glove pieces
   1/2 Tahiti vanilla pieces
300g infusion 
300g dried apricot 
175g purée 
    1g pectine jaune 
  10g sugar
 0.3g citric acid

1. Heat up the purees, add the spices
2. Hot infusion for 1h
3. Soak the apricots for 24h in a vacuumbag at 60C in the dry box
4. Mix all together
5. Cook the marmalade with the rest of the ingredients, add the acid as last
6. Spread out on 4mm on top of the ganache, when almost cooled down

Orange flower Ganache

130g orange juice
  28g sorbitol
  42g trimoline
300g Callebaut Arriba milk chocolate
100g Cacao Barry Madirofolo dark chocolate
    2g orange blossom
  42g butter


1. Heat up the orange juice with sorbitol and trimoline
2. Pour on top of the chocolates and mix together with the orange blossom
3. At 35ºC add the butter
4. Spread out on 5mm height



  1. Chocolate decorations;
  2. Golden honeycomb
  3. Half chocolate rings