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B-Hive - Marike Van Beurden

Cremeux exotic

  58g combawa juice
100g pineapple purée
100g Victoria pineapple purée 
  13g lemongrass 
    5g ginger 
  1/3 Tahiti vanilla 
153g infusion 
122g eggs 
  44g sugar 
 8.4g gelatin mass
  52g butter 


1. Heat up the purees, juice and herbs for infusion
2. Strain
3. Cook the infusion, eggs and sugar in the thermomixer till 82ºC
4. Add the gelatin mass
5. Cool down till 35ºC before adding the smooth butter
6. Place in the moulds and freeze

Combawa biscuit

120g eggs 
180g TPT 
  20g flour 
  81g whites
    1g dried egg white 
  21g sugar 
  21g butter 
    2g combawa zests 



1. Whip the eggs, TPT and flour together
2. Whip the eggwhites, eggwhite powder and sugar
3. Melt the butter with the zest
4. Fold all three mixtures together
5. Bake at 180 ºC +/- 12min

Cremeux Ginger

100g milk
100g cream
    7g ginger
180g infusion
  36g egg yolks
  18g sugar
250g Callebaut Arriba milk chocolate
  25g ginger juice
      5 ginger drops


1. Heat up the cream and milk with the ginger for infusion
2. Strain
3. Cook the infusion, yolks and sugar in the thermomixer till 82ºC
4. Add the chocolate, gingerjus and ginger drops and mix

Chocolate biscuit

200g eggwhite 
  80g sugar 
320g TPT 
  40g Callebaut Cocoa powder


1. Whip the eggwhites with the sugar
2. Fold in the Tpt and cacaopowder
3. Bake at 180ºC +/- 12min
4. Spread ginger marmalade on the top

Pineapple marmalade

 207g pineapple brunoise
   38g pineapple purée
   38g Victoria pineapple puree
  3.5g pectine NH
22.5g sugar
  7.5g combawa juice
     1g gelan


1. Cook all ingredients together
2. 130g each cake



  75g cassonade 
  75g butter
  50g shaved almonds
  15g rice crispy
    5g flour
 0.3g salt
 7.5g Callebaut Cacao powder 
  25g pineapple crispy
 1.5g combawa zest

1. Soften the butter with the sugar
2. Add all the rest of the ingredients
3. Spread 120g out in each ring
4. Bake at 150 ºC for 20 min
5. Sprinkle with Mycryo when it comes out of the oven


Saint Domingue chocolate mousse

  73g water  
118g sugar 
    1g mint leaves
    2g combawa jus 
    6g lemongrass 
    2g combawa zests  
118g egg yolks  
150g PAB 
  80g cream 
274g whipped cream  
178g Cacao Barry Chocolate Saint Domingue (70%) 


1. Boil the water with the herbs and strain
2. Cook the infusion, sugar and yolks till 82 ºC
3. Whip till almost cold
4. Melt the chocolate at 45ºC add the hot cream,
5. Fold in the PAB and last the whipped cream

Chocolate glazing

  93g water 
113g sugar
113g isomalt 
  90g glucose 
  75g cream
  50g Callebaut Cacao powder 
 1.5g gold powder 
 9.5g gelatin powder 
  47g water
  50g Callebaut Chocolate Arriba (39%)

1. Cook the water, sugar and isomalt till 110 ºC
2. Heat up glucose and cream add to the sugar syrup
3. Add the cacao and gold powder
4. Strain on top of the gelatin and chocolate
5. Use at 35 ºC

Pineapple & Honey glazing

  50g water 
110g sugar
100g Manuka honey
          Condensed milk
100g Cacao Barry Chocolate Blanc Satin
  31g water
 6.2g gelatine powder
 0.5g yellow coloring powder


1. Boil the water, sugar and honey till 103 ºC
2. Add the gelatin and condensed milk
3. Add the chocolate and colouring blend
4. Strain, use at 35 ºC