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Galaxy of the Triangle - Davide Comaschi

Galaxy of the Triangle

40 pieces


 40g Cacao Barry Cuba dark chocolate

1. Dip the ganache into the dark chocolate


 15g glucose
 40g isomalt
 45g passion fruit pulp
 40g cream
 80g Cacao Barry Zephir white chocolate
 20g cocoa butter
 15g butter
0,1g lecithin

1. Caramelize the glucose and the isomalt at 176°C
2. Remove from the heat and cool with the cream, then add the passion fruit and blend thoroughly
3. Mash with the cutter for 1 minute, pouring the compound in the chocolate with the cocoa butter
4. Add the butter and mash with the cutter for an extra 8 minutes



 25g caster sugar 
 25g isolmalt 
 25g roasted hazelnuts
 25g roasted white almonds
   8g cocoa butter
1/3p Tahiti vanilla beans

1. Cook the caster sugar until fully brown
2. Blend the isomalt in the caramel, stirring until dissolved, and immediately mix in the dried fruit
3. Take off the heat source and mix and blend in the cocoa butter
4. Mix the Tahiti vanilla beans when the mixture is cold; never exceed 32°C during the preparation
5. Mash with the cutter and add 16g of cocoa butter