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PERFECT TRIANGLE - Davide Comaschi



120g Coarsely-sieved sugar
10g Orange zest


Mix the ingredients, vacuum-packed them and sift before use.



  25g milk
  45g sucrose
  30g butter
  35g flour
  1/2 vanilla pods
  70g cocoa mass

  20g milk
  50g eggs
  60g egg yolks
    4g baking powder
    7g Rhum

185g albumen
  25g sucrose
    4g baking powder
 0,6g salt


  1. Bring to a boiling point milk, butter and vanilla, add the cocoa mass and then the flour. Make a soft polenta, as if making cream puffs. Put the compound in a planetary kneading machine with flat beater. Add bit by bit and in rotation milk, eggs and yolks, then baking powder, salt and rhum. Sift the compound.
  2. Beat the albumens in the planetary kneading machine with flat beater adding the powders in two times.
  3. Dress and cook 13min at 190°C.



190g butter
    3g orange zest
    6g vanilla pods or beans
  40g cocoa mass
  75g sugar
225g flour
    1g salt
  40g orange juice
  25g Cacao Barry Cuba dark chocolate


  1. Dissolve the salt in the orange juice, work in the kneading machine the butter and the flavourings, add the other ingredients and in the end blend in the cocoa mass molten at 30°C and mix well. Incorporate the chocolate grains.



500g water
300g sugar
400g roasted grué
  80g cocoa mass



  1. Chill to 70°C, add 400g of roasted Gruè. Leave in infusion overnight. Just before use add 80g of cocoa mass and emulsify with a hand mixer.



125g milk
 1.5g vanilla bean
  25g egg yolks
  30g sugar
  10g starch
  25g Cacao Barry Tanzania dark Chocolate 
  25g Cacao Barry Cuba dark Chocolate 
  15g cocoa mass


  1. Mix well sugar and yolks, add the yolks. Heat up the milk and the vanilla, as soon as it starts boiling add to the first mixture and cook as a regular custard. Pour still warm on the chocolate and mash with the cutter.



750g cream infusion (1 liter of cream + 150g of roasted gruè)
  75g honey
 7,5g gelatine + 38g water
  55g Cacao Barry Cuba dark chocolate
  55g Cacao Barry Tanzania dark chocolate
  55g cocoa mass


  1. Warm up to 60°C the cream infusion and the honey and pour on the chocolates, then mash with the cutter for three minutes. Blast chill and beat in the kneading machine.



500g cream infusion (1 liter of cream + 300g of roasted gruè)
150g cocoa butter
120g egg yolks
  90g sugar
    5p vanilla beans
    5g gelatin + 25g water


Warm up to 60°C the cream with sugar, yolks and vanilla, pour them on the cocoa butter and the gelatine. Mash with the cutter for three minutes. Blast chill and beat in the kneading machine.



    2p Tahiti vanilla beans
    3p lemons in zest
750g cream
105g invert sugar
  90g caster sugar
105g glucose
  45g cocoa
  25g gelatin 90 bloom
125g water
  92g hazelnut cream
300g Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate
  55g raspberry colouring agent


Add to the cream spices, caster sugar mixed with invert sugar and glucose. Heat to the boiling point, add dissolved hydrated gelatine, filter and then mix with a minipimer (hand cutter). Pour the compound on the chocolate cut in pieces, mixed with the hazelnut cream, blend homogenously with a minipimer (hand cutter) and filter again. Blast chill to cool. Ice at 42°C.