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The Stalagmite - David Pasquiet

The Stalagmite

Lime and pistachio praliné

400g Cacao Barry Bronte pistachio praline
  50g Pailleté feuilletine
200g Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate
     1 zest of 2 limes



  1. Mix the praliné with the lime zest and the tempered Ghana couverture.
  2. Add the Pailleté feuilletine.
  3. Pour into a 30x30cm frame, 5mm high.
  4. Leave to crystallize.


Lemon grass ganache

120g lemon grass pulp
  25g glucose
  90g cream
300g tempered Cacao Barry Ghana couverture
150g tempered Cacao Barry Cuba couverture
  50g butter


  1. Heat the lemongrass, glucose and cream to 32°C.
  2. Pour onto the 2 tempered couvertures.
  3. Add the butter and mix to homogenize.
  4. Add a second frame on the lemon praline.
  5. Fill the second frame.
  6. Smooth.
  7. Leave to crystallize for 10 hours.
  8. Dip in tempered Cacao Barry Or Noir couverture.