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BonBeille - Marike Van Beurden

Yirgachefee Coffee caramel

400g cream      
  60g Ethiopean yirgachefee coffee beans
  40g glucose 
175g sugar 
250g Coffee infused cream 
    4g Guérande seasalt 
  75g butter


1. Heat up the cream and infuse the hot crushed coffee beans for 20 min.
2. Cook a caramel of the glucose and sugar till 185ºC.
3. Add the boiling cream and seasalt.
4. Reboil all together to 110ºC
5. Add the butter and cool down 

Kumquat Ganache

240g kumquat juice  
  60g kumquat zest   
  30g glucose    
  30g sorbitol    
210g Cacao Barry Saint Domingue dark chocolate
130g Cacao Barry Blanc Satin white chocolate
  70g butter
  35g kumquat concentrate
  32g Cacao Barry Mycryo


1. Mix the juice, concentrate and zest very well in the thermomixer.
2. Add the glucose and sorbitol and bring to 80 ºC
3. Add the chocolates and mix.
4. Mix with the butter and Mycro at 35ºC 

Amaranth and kumquat crispy

100g allegía candy, caramelized Amaranth
  20g kumquat powder    
135g Cacao Barry Blanc Satin white chocolate
  10g kumquat olve oil
  35g nougatine
 1.3g salt 


1. Mix all ingredients together
2. Spread out on 3mm
3. Let it set and cut with cutter 2.



  1. Spray the moulds with Yellow and White cacaobutter
  2. Dip the end of the pralines to obtain a sting