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La commode - Yvan Chevalier

La commode

Coco-passion praliné

318,37g hazelnut praliné  
114,61g Cacao Barry Papouasie milk chocolate
 15,93g concentrated butter 
 23,54g cocoa butter 
 13,78g passion fruit purée 
 13,78g grated coconut 


1. Caramelize the mix coco passion in the oven
2. Mix the coco-passion praliné chocolate and cocoa butter
3. Add the soften butter and square at 25°C



110,82g passion fruit purée 
  45,85g glucose syrup (60 type) 
321,58g Cacao Barry milk chocolate couverture 
  23,80g sorbitol in powder 
  80,98g concentrated butter 
119,11g Cacao Barry dark chocolate couverture 61%
  44,84g lime purée 
    3,03g vanilla 


1. Heat the purée, sorbitol, glucose and vanilla
2. Pour on the chocolate, make the emulsion
3. Add the soften butter and pour on the praliné