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la casserole - Yvan Chevalier

la casserole

Chocolate sponge

 150g almond paste lubecka 
   27g glucose syrup 
 180g whole egg  
   48g flour   
2,20g baking powder  
     6g Cocoa powder  
   48g butter   
   60g Chocolate liquor 


1. Beat with a wisk the almond paste lubecka, glucose syrup and a part of the eggs
2. Add slowly the rest of the eggs
3. Heat at 40%
4. Sold the sift mixed flour, backing powder and the butter with the liquor
5. Baking : 8' at 170°C

Crispy dry fruits

70,82g butter 
70,82g brown sugar 
  9,66g flour   
75,11g sliced almond  
23,61g pistachio rods  


1. Heat the butter and the brown sugar
2. Add the mix of dry fruits
3. Bake at 170°C for 10'

Hazelnut crémeux

 400g cream  
   60g sugar   
   26g egg yolks  
3,20g gelatin  
   16g water   
 135g hazelnut paste  
   40g hazelnut praliné  



1. Make a custard cream
2. Add the gelatin
3. Pour on the pure paste and the praliné

Passion-yuzu jelly

 150g passion purée      
 150g yuzu juice  
   45g glucose syrup  
   78g sugar   
7,70g pectin  


1. Heat the puree and the glucose
2. Add the mix sugar-pectin
3. Boil

Passion crémeux

 250g passion purée 
 190g egg yolks 
 160g whole eggs 
 150g sugar  
 150g butter  
  4,5g gelatin  
22,5g water 


1. Make a custard cream
2. Add the gelatin
3. Add the butter and mix

Light mousse

200g milk   
    3g gelatin  
  15g water  
376g whipped cream  
264g Cacao Barry Tanzanie dark chocolate


1. Heat the milk
2. Add the gelatin
3. Pour on the chocolate