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Alliance poire-chocolat - Yvan Chevalier

Alliance poire-chocolat

Pear Juice

  50g water 
500g pear purée
  75g passion fruit juice 
    4g vanilla
  15g corn starsch
125g butter
  75g sugar
150g pear alcohol


1. Cooking of the pear at 200°C for 15'

Pear jelly

125g pear purée
 1,5g gelatin sheet



Chocolate emulsion

293,88g milk  
  48,54g cream  
  15,53g egg yolk 
  15,53g sugar   
  97,09g Cacao Barry dark chocolate  
  19,42g Cacao Barry milk chocolate 



Chocolate breton sablé

 36g egg yolks
 80g castor sugar
1,5g salt  
 90g butter  
 70g flour  
 50g Cocoa powder 



Cooked chocolate mousse

  1g egg white in powder 
20g castor sugar 
56g egg white 
20g egg yolk 
15g butter  
47g Cacao Barry dark chocolate  
16g Cacao Barry milk chocolate



Vanilla ice-cream

245,03g milk 
  31,96g cream 
    1,42g vanilla 
  12,70g milk powder
  35,51g castor sugar 
  19,18g atomised glucose 
    1,21g stabilisator 
  15,63g butter  
    0,36g salt 
  37,64g egg yolks 



French meringue

125g egg whites 
   14g castor sugar 
   94g icing sugar 
   55g castor sugar 
   37g icing sugar 
   13g egg whites in powder 



Chocolate spreadable paste

135g sweet concentrated milk 
135g sugar free concentrated milk 
  25g glucose syrup 
  75g Cacao Barry dark chocolate
137g hazelnut paste 
  37g praliné  
  25g hazelnut oil 
  25g cocoa butter