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la cuillère - Yvan Chevalier

la cuillère

Gianduja ganache

  36.13g milk
  10.99g glucose
  15.71g butter
  87.96g Cacao Barry Gianduja
133.51g Cocoa butter
  15.71g Cacao Barry Papouasie milk chocolate


1. Heat the milk and the glucose
2. Pour on the chocolate, Gianduja and the cocoa butter
3. Add the soften butter

Orange sudachi jelly

63.39g orange purée
33.39g sudachi juice
48.39g sugar
  4.84g yellow pectin 


1. Heat the purée
2. Pour on the sugar pectin mix
3. Boil



1. Mould the bonbons.
2. Poach the jelly on the bottom of the mould
3. Poach the ganache on the jelly
4. Close the bonbon