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Museum - Akihiro Kakimoto


Biscuit Joconde

320g whole egg                                 
240g icing sugar                                
240g almond powder                         
  40g flour                                           
  24g Cocoa powder                            
400g egg white                                  
150g sugar                                        
  65g butter                                           


  1. Mix whole egg, icing sugar and almond powder well until the mixture get to whitish colour 
  2. Beat egg white and sugar well and make firm meringue
  3. Mix the meringue with (1)
  4. Add flour and Cacao powder step by step
  5. Add melted butter and mix
  6. Spread in the baking sheet and bake in the oven at 220℃ for 8min
  7. Leave to cool, apply syrup on the surface to soak

Crème chocolat Tonka

    8g Tonka beans                                 
100g milk                                            
  18g invert sugar                                 
  60g egg yolk                                       
  77g Carma Grenada dark chocolate
150g fresh cream 35%


  1. Warm Tonka beans, milk and invert sugar
  2. Add egg yolk and make anglaise
  3. Mix (2) with chocolate and emulsify
  4. Add soft peak whipped cream when (3) get to 40-45℃

Caramel mousse

32g sugar                                         
70g fresh cream 35%                      
22g egg yolk                                     
  4g gelatin                                          
90g fresh cream 35%                      


  1. Caramelize Sugar, add warned cream to stop
  2. Add egg yolk and make anglaise
  3. Add soaked gelatin
  4. Cool it and add soft peaked whipped cream at 20℃

Café Crème

  26g coffee beans (A)                       
150g milk                                            
  21g sugar                                          
    8g flour                                             
  32g egg yolk                                 
  13g butter                                           
   2g gelatin                                           
280g fresh cream 35%                     
  32g coffee Beans (B)                         


  1. Soak coffee beans (A) in the milk and leave overnight for infusion
  2. Soak coffee beans (B) in the fresh cream and leave overnight for infusion 
  3. Sieve (1) into sauce pan and make a crème patissière with sugar, flour and egg yolk
  4. Add butter and soaked gelatin 
  5. Let it cool until 20℃
  6. Sieve (2) and whip until soft peak
  7. Mix (5) and (6)

Crème Yellow

  35g fresh cream 35%                      
  25g butter (non salted)                     
  50g mango purée                             
    6g gelatin                                         
  37g banana liqueur                          
210g banana purée                          
  40g lemon purée                              


  1. Boil fresh cream, butter, mango purée and add gelatin
  2. Warm banana liqueur, banana purée, lemon purée until 40℃
  3. Sieve (1) into (2) and mix well
  4. Emulsify the mixture

Caramel Chocolat Noir

  65g sugar                                        
125g fresh cream 35%                      
115g egg yolk                                     
200g Carma Grenada dark chocolate
480g fresh Cream 35%                      


  1. Caramelize sugar, add warmed fresh cream
  2. Add egg yolk and make a crème anglaise
  3. Mix with melted chocolate and emulsify
  4. Add soft peak whipped cream at 40-45℃


  50g coffee beans                              
200g milk                                             
  10g sugar                                           


  1. Mix and warm all ingredients


 40g butter (non salted)                      
 30g sugar                                           
 40g almond powder                            
 32g flour                                            
   7g Cocoa powder                              
0.2g cinnamon powder                       


  1. Mix butter and sugar well until the colour gets whitish
  2. Sieve almond powder, flour, Cocoa powder and cinnamon powder into (1) 
  3. Sieve (2) and spread on baking sheet 
  4. Bake at 160℃ for 25min


25g flour
70g sugar
30g diced Almond
30g water
30g melted butter (non salted)
  2g salt
 1/2 vanilla beans


  1. Mix all ingredients
  2. Bake at 170℃ until its coloured

Almond croustillant

130g streusel                                       
200g tuile                                             
110g Callebaut Java milk chocolate                 
  50g Cacao Barry almond praliné


  1. Crush streusel and tuile
  2. Melt chocolate
  3. Mix all together

Grenada glaçage

175g Carma Grenada dark chocolate
200g fresh cream 35%                        
115g nappage                                      
 2.5g gelatin                                          


  1. Boil fresh cream and nappage in sauce pan, add gelatin
  2. Mix with melted chocolate and emulsify

Java glacage

500g Callebaut Java milk chocolate
240g fresh cream 35%                       
240g milk                                             
300g nappage                                      
  15g gelatin                                           


  1. Boil fresh cream, milk and nappage, add gelatin
  2. mix with melted chocolate and emulsify


Frame size: 36 cm x 6,5 cm