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Future - Akihiro Kakimoto


Biscuit chocolat

160g whole egg                                
120g sugar                                         
120g almond powder                          
  20g flour                                            
  12g Cocoa powder                             
200g egg white                                   
  75g sugar                                           
  65g butter (non salted)                       


  1. Mix whole egg, sugar and almond powder well until the colour gets whitish 
  2. Beat egg white and sugar well to make firm meringue
  3. Mix the meringue with (1) 
  4. Add flour and Cocoa powder step by step 
  5. Add melted butter and mix
  6. Spread in the baking sheet and bake in the oven at 220℃ for 8min

Chocolat Ananas

200g Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate
  50g fresh cream 35%                       
  1/2 vanilla beans                                
   6g gelatin                                          
170g ananas purée                          
225g fresh cream 35%                     
 little anis powder                                


  1. Boil fresh cream and vanilla beans
  2. Pour (1) into melted chocolate and emulsify
  3. Add warmed ananas purée, gelatin and anis powder
  4. Add soft peak whipped cream when the mixture gets 40-45℃

Caramel Chocolat Venezuela

  50g sugar                                           
300g fresh cream 35%                      
  1/2 vanilla beans                                 
   8g gelatin                                            
0.4g salt                                               
100g Carma Venezuela dark chocolate
140g fresh cream 35%                      


  1. Cook sugar and make caramel
  2. Warm fresh cream and vanilla beans, add to (1) to stop caramelize
  3. Add soaked gelatin and salt into (2)
  4. Mix with melted chocolate and emulsify
  5. Add fresh cream when (4) get 40-45℃

Glace Chocolat Noir

156g Carma Grenada dark chocolate
480g milk              
     1 cinnamon stick                               
  45g invert sugar                                  
  30g powdered Glucose                       
    4g stabilizer                                        


  1. Heat milk, cinnamon and invert sugar
  2. Add powder glucose and stabilizer step by step into (1) when it gets 40℃
  3. Keep on heating until boil
  4. Mix with melted chocolate
  5. Freeze

Parfait Bergamot

100g egg yolk                                    
  28g sugar                                          
  50g water                                         
250g fresh cream 35%                     
   5g bergamot Oil                                 
150g Cocoa butter                             
        Lemon balm (optimal)                            


  1. Make pate a bombe with egg yolk, sugar and water
  2. Mix (1) with bergamot oil, soft peak whipped cream
  3. Pour into sphere shape mould and put in freezer
  4. Take out the frozen spheres from the mould
  5. Coat with Cocoa butter flavoured by lemon balm

Sauté de Ananas

  12g butter                                          
360g ananas                                      
120g apple                                         
     1 vanilla beans                                 
  12g sugar                                           
    3g pectin                                            


  1. Fry butter, ananas, apple and vanilla beans in the frying pan
  2. Add sugar and pectin
  3. Put into silicon mould

Caramel Almond

350g Valencia almonds                         
170g sugar                                         
  58g water                                           
    1g salt                                                
      1 vanilla beans                                


  1. Roast almonds
  2. Heat all ingredients except almonds in the pot 
  3. When (2) get to 125℃, add warm (1)
  4. Mix well until get to caramel colour, do not barn
  5. Spread on silpat, let it cool
  6. Break into small pieces


225g sugar                                            
112g glucose                                        
112g water                                            
  36g Cacao Barry Pailleté Feuilletine    
  28g almond powder                              
 0.5g salt                                                


  1. Mix sugar, glucose and water in the sauce pan and heat until 160℃
  2. Add other ingredients and mix
  3. Spread on silpad and leave it cool
  4. Mix and crush by Robot Coupe
  5. Sieve (4) on the silpat and bake in the oven at 150℃ for 5min

Sauce Bergamot

  20g sugar                                         
  80g orange purée                              
  20g bergamot purée                         
    3g pectin                                        
  15g sugar                                        
 little turmeric                                      
 little cardamon                                    
 little titanium dioxide                           


  1. Caramelize sugar  
  2. Add warmed orange purée, bergamot purée to stop caramelize    
  3. Mix pectin, sugar, turmeric, cardamon and titanium dioxide, add to (2) to give thickness texture

Glacage Noir

100g Carma Venezuela dark chocolate
  75g Cacao Barry milk chocolate
100g fresh Cream 35%                       
100g milk                                              
110g nappage                                      
   3g gelatin                                            


  1. Boil fresh cream, milk and nappage
  2. Pour into chocolates and mix well
  3. Add soaked gelatin




  1. Décor Chocolat Cocoa Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil (64%)
  2. For Spray Cocoa Butter Colouring (Yellow, Green, Red)