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Architecture - Akihiro Kakimoto


Coulis d'Orange

  35g orange peel                                
100g orange purée                          
  25g glucose                                       
  30g lemon purée                               
  10g sugar                                          
 2.5g pectin NH                                   
 0.5g citric acid                                    
300g Carma Ivoire Swiss Top


  1. Mix orange peel, orange purée, glucose and lemon purée together well by hand blender and heat     
  2. Add sugar and pectin when the mixture gets 40℃ 
  3. Remove from heater at 100℃, add citric acid    
  4. Prepare in piping bag, let it cool, then pipe into mould with white chocolate shell

Ginger ganache

 123g Callebaut Arriba milk chocolate
   90g Callebaut Sao Thome dark chocolate
   39g fresh cream 35%                        
 104g ginger purée                             
   10g triple sec orange liqueur            
10.4g butter (non salted)                    
     2p orange zest                             


  1. Melt all chocolate, add warmed fresh cream to make ganache
  2. Add warmed ginger purée into the ganache
  3. Let it cool, add orange liqueur at 40℃, add butter at 35℃


 42g sugar                                          
 50g hazelnut                                       
 28g Callebaut Arriba milk chocolate               
0.3g orange zest                               


  1. Caramelize hazelnut with sugar, spread on the silpat
  2. Mix (1) with melted chocolate and orange zest by Robot Coupe



  1. Use half orange shape mould, make the shell with Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil
  2. Pipe the ginger ganache into the mould
  3. Place the coulis d'orange in the mould, add praline
  4. Close the mould with Extra Bitter Guayaquil, finish with transfer sheet


  1. Cacao butter colouring (Red, Yellow)
  2. Gold powder
  3. Silver powder,
  4. Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil