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Architecture - Dimitri Salmon



250g sugar
  75g water
400g hazelnuts


  1. Cook the sugar with the water at 121°C and add the hazelnuts and caramelise
  2. Cool and mix

Lime zest

100g sugar
100g water
     2 limes


  1. Boil the sugar, water and lime zest
  2. Store overnight in a cold vacuum

Coulis passion

125g passion
  50g sugar
     5 mint leaves
     1 tonka bean
     1 vanilla
   5g pectin
   1g sugar
   1g mango vinegar


  1. Infuse the mint, vanilla and tonka bean in passion fruit juice and bring to a boil
  2. Strain and add 50g sugar then boil for 1 min
  3. Cook with the pectin and 1g sugar
  4. Cool then add the vinegar

Lemon praliné

400g praliné
150g Cacao Barry milk chocolate (Or Noir)
  30g candied lemon
  20g cocoa butter


  1. Mix the praliné, chocolate and cocoa butter, melted at 30°C
  2. Add the zest in small parts

Chocolate for coating

1000g Cacao Barry milk chocolate (Or Noir)
     5g Maldon salt


  1. Melt and mix together