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Cabosse - Dimitri Salmon


GANACHE chocolate 3 vaniiles

393g cream
  74g trémoline
  74g butter
400g Cacao Barry milk chocolate (Or Noir)
224g Cacao Barry dark chocolate (Or Noir) 
   1,5 Tahiti vanilla pod 
   1.5 Madagascar vanilla pod 
   1.5 Mexico vanilla pod


  1. Infuse the vanilla in the cream for 15 minutes before bringing to a boil
  2. Strain, then add the trémoline, heat and at 85°C, pour on the chocolate and mix

Raspberry jam

250g raspberry purée
125g sugar 
     6 sheets of Agastache blue fortune
  10g pectin
  25g sugar


  1. Steep the leaves in the purée and sugar for 15 minutes and strain
  2. Bring to the boil and cook for 1 minute with the remaining sugar and pectin



  1. Moulding Cacao Barry dark chocolate 70% (Or Noir)
  2. Put the raspberry jam in 1/3
  3. Prepare the vanilla and fill with the ganache
  4. Finally, close the chocolates moulds with Cacao Barry dark chocolate 70% (Or Noir)