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Bergamot, Pear and Violet Pâte de Fruit

106g boiron pear puree
159g boiron bergamot puree
  16g yellow pectin
292g sugar
  53g glucose
    5g tartaric acid solution
  40g amoretti violet syrup


1. Cook purees with pectin, sugar and glucose until reaches 105°C, adding the tartaric acid solution and violet syrup at the end before pouring into the frame (3mm) set on top of silpat.

Cola Milk Chocolate ganache

100g 35% cream 
  42g glucose
  30g invert sugar
  60g butter
450g alunga milk chocolate
  50g Coca-Cola®
  75g Aamoretti cola syrup
    15 drops sosa cola extract


1. Heat the cream, glucose, invert sugar and butter to 60°C
2. Add to chocolate and emulsify.
3. Add Cola syrup, Coca-Cola, and Cola extract.

Peanut Crunch

360g Alunga milk chocolate
180g peanut butter
  50g crushed potato chips
  50g crushed caramelized peanuts
  60g pop rocks


1. Temper milk chocolate, mix in peanut butter, then fold in crushed potato chips, crushed peanuts and pop rocks.



1. Table the cola ganache on a marble slab, then spread in a 5mm frame placed on top of the pâte de fruit.
2. Spread the peanut crunch on top of the crystallized cola ganache in a 5mm frame.
3. Take the frames off and chablon the bottom of the slab.
4. Turn over onto a guitar and cut in squares of 2.25cm x 2.25cm.
5. Dip in precrystallized Guayaquil dark chocolate and decorate tops of dipped praline with chocolate garnish.