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Peanut Butter and Jelly

Milk Chocolate Basil Crémeux

240g 35% cream
    7g fresh basil leaves 
  50g egg yolks
  30g sugar
  90g arriba milk chocolate
1.5g gelatin


1. Boil cream and basil, let infuse for 10 minutes, and strain.
2. Bring up to a boil again and make a crème anglaise with the egg yolks and sugar.
3. Strain into the milk chocolate, add gelatin and emulsify.
4. Pipe into silicone moulds and freeze.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Pudding

100g egg yolks
  85g sugar
250g evaporated milk
  50g 3% milk 
        pinch of salt
    1g gelatin
  90g peanut butter
170g arriba milk chocolate 
        pinch vanilla powder


1. Mix egg yolks, salt, vanilla powder, and sugar together.
2. Boil liquids and make crème anglaise.
3. Add gelatin, strain into milk chocolate and peanut butter, and emulsify.
4. Pipe into silicone moulds and freeze.

Raspberry Sauce

150g boiron raspberry puree
  25g invert sugar
    4g NH pectin
  30g sugar


1. Bring to boil for 1 minute.

Crushed Caramelized Peanuts

150g peanuts, toasted
  70g sugar


1. Caramelize sugar in a pot.
2. Toss in toasted peanuts.
3. Grind in Robot Coupe

Peanut Feuilletine Crunch

90g zephyr white chocolate
45g peanut butter
13g mycryo
25g pailetté feuilletine
    1 tbsp caramelized crushed peanuts


1. Mix tempered white chocolate with melted mycryo, peanut butter.
2. Fold in feuilletine and peanuts.
3. Spread in a thin layer, cut rectangles of 3cm x 8cm

Emulsified Raspberry Smoothie

600g Boiron raspberry puree
180g invert sugar
  90g egg whites


1. Put into Thermomix and put on high speed for 5 minutes.
2. Put into blast freezer.

White Chocolate Raspberry ganache

  30g butter
  10g glucose
  70g boiron raspberry puree
200g zephyr white chocolate
  12g raspberry liqueur


1. Heat up butter, glucose, raspberry puree together, then pour on chocolate and emulsify.
2. Add the raspberry liqueur to finish.

Chocolate Dip

575g guayaquil dark chocolate
  75g deodorized coconut oil


1. Melt together to 40°C


100g water
  50g butter
  88g all purpose flour 
  1/8 tsp baking powder
  75g eggs
        pinch of salt
400g vegetable oil
400g cocoa butter
250g sugar
    2g freeze-dried raspberry powder


1. Choux paste method.
2. Heat up vegetable oil and cocoa butter to 180°C. Pipe with a star tip.
3. Fry churros until fully cooked
4. Toss in rasperry sugar.
5. Pipe white chocolate raspberry ganache inside.



1. Place a layer of peanut feuilletine crunch on the plate.
2. Place milk chocolate pudding on top of peanut feuilletine crunch.
3. Dip milk chocolate basil crémeux in chocolate dip, and trim ends.
4. Place basil crémeux on top of peanut pudding
5. Place ground caramelized peanuts on the plate.
6. Add the previously fried churros
7. Quenelle the emulsified raspberry smoothie on the crushed peanuts
8. Display the micro greens, raspberry sauce, and chocolate garnish.