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Pink Earl

Pink Grapefruit and Pink Peppercorn Jelly

125g pink grapefruit reduction
138g sugar
    5g yellow pectin 
  15g glucose
    6g pink peppercorns, crushed
  38g pink grapefruit reduction


1. Cook jelly with first grapefruit reduction, sugar, pectin, glucose and pink peppercorns until reaches 107°C.
2. Blend the jelly with the grapefruit reduction in the robot coupe.
3. Strain the jelly, and discard the pink peppercorns.

Black Earl Grey tea ganache

250g 35% cream
  30g Black Earl Grey tea
  68g honey
  68g butter
300g ghana milk chocolate
162g guayaquil dark chocolate


1. Simmer the cream with the tea, then steep for 10 min.
2. Strain the tea leaves out of the cream, mix with melted chocolate and emulsify.
3. Add the softened butter



1. Make a chocolate garnish using precrystallized dark chocolate.
2. Airbrush moulds with coloured cocoa butter
3. Cast shells with precrystallized Ghana milk chocolate
4. Fill half with the grapefruit jelly, then top with Earl Grey ganache
5. Seal the moulds with Ghana milk chocolate
6. After unmoulding the chocolate pralines, top with a chocolate garnish.