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Le sous-bois - Olivier Tribut

Le sous-bois

DOUGHNUT (recipe for 30 doughnuts)

  35g butter
  56g sugar
     1 egg
  40g Mango purée
  20g milk
200g flour
    3g baking powder
    1g salt
     1 vanilla pod

1. Mix butter and sugar
2. Add egg, mango purée and vanilla pod
3. poor the flour
4. lower the dough

Ganache truffles

250g cream Cacao Barry origine
150g (65%) alto el sol Cacao Barry
  20g (31,1%) lactée supérieur
  40g butter

  1. Boil the cream
  2. Overturn on the chocolates
  3. Add butter

Laque Mango and passion fruit

250g passion fruit juice
250g fresh mango 
      1 vanilla pod  
    2g agar agar
   25g sugar
      3 gélatine leaves

  1. Boil the fresh mango, passion fruit, sugar, vanilla pod, agar-agar
  2. Add the gelatine leaves
  3. Cool
  4. Pass in the blender

Chocolate (White and Dark) nougat glacé Italian Meringue

130g honey
  35g syrup glucose
  70g sugar
130g eggs whites Cacao Barry origine
140g (65%) alto el sol
140g (34%)Cacao Barry zephyr
600g cream

  1. Heat honey, sugar and syrup glucose to 120°C
  2. Poor on to the egg white
  3. Add the molten chocolate
  4. Add Italien Meringue

Vanilla ecume

200g milk
  10g sugar
    2g lécithine
      1 vanilla pod

  1. Boil all the ingredients
  2. Emulsify

Lichen coriander and basil :

  25g basil
  25g coriander 
100g water 
  50g butter
100g flour
    5g baking powder
      3 eggs
  10g sugar

  1. Blend herbs
  2. Boil water and butter
  3. Add egg
  4. Mix
  5. Add flour and baking powder
  6. Poor into a siphon

Chocolate crème prise :

125g milk
12g  syrup glucose
2  gelatine leaves
200g  Alto El Sol
250g cream

Bring the milk and syrup glucose to boil
Add chocolate
Add gelatine leaves
Add cream