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Heart of Tornado - Vladimir Terentyev

Heart of Tornado

Heart of Tornado

300g cream
400g (76%) Cacao Barry chocolate equateur
200g (31.1%) Cacao Barry lactée caramel
  60g Glucose


1. Boil the cream and glucose before cooling to 85°C and adding to the chocolate
2. Make an emulsion and add to the marmalade

Rasperry marmalade

600g raspberry purée
400g sugar
    12 pectin NH
  50g sugar
  70g glucose
    5g citric acid 5g


1. Mix the purée, 400g sugar and glucose then heat to 60°C
2. Then add the pectin and 50g sugar which has previously been mixed together
3. Boil to 109°C and add the citric acid at the end