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Motion - Vladimir Terentyev

Crumble chocolate

  50g butter
2.5g fleur de sel
  70g sugar
  48g flour
  65g hazelnut powder
  18g cocoa powder (Cacao Barry Cacao)
100g (23,7%) gianduja plaisir


1. Blend the butter, sugar and salt together.
2. Sift the flour and cocoa powder then mix them with the hazelnut powder and blended butter
3. Put in the fridge for 1 hour
4. Roll out the pastry to 8mm thick then bake at 160°C for about 12 minutes
5. When cool, chop and add the milk gianduja which has been previously crystallised
6. Spread in form 16cm without pressing too hard

Chocolate ganache fleu de Cao

78h (35%) fresh cream Cacao Barry chocolate
57g (70%) fleur de Cao


1. Heat the cream to 85°C then add to chocolate and mix well
2. Cover gianduja crumble on the basis of 35g per 1 circle

Flourless chocolate biscuit

250g (64%) Cacao Barry extra bitter guayaquil
120g butter
270g egg whites
72g sugar
105g egg yolks


  1. Heat the chocolate and butter to 45°C.
  2. Beat the egg whites with sugar and add the egg yolks at the end
  3. Mix the two masses together carefully
  4. Spread in the form of 40 x 50cm then back at 185°C for 8-9 minutes
  5. Cut 2 circles, 16cm in diameter

Tangerine marmalade

70g pure tangerine pulp
  6g zest
55g tangerine purée
17g lemon purée
50g crystal sugar
  3g pectin NH
30g crystal sugar


1. Mix the tangerine pulp, zest, purée and 50g of sugar, then let the mixture boil for 8 minutes
2. Add the pectin and 30g of sugar, which have previously been mixed together
3. Cook for a couple of minutes then mix well
4. Let cool and put in between 2 flourless chocolate biscuits, 65g per pastry

Savoury milk chocolate crémeux

340g (35%) fresh cream
    4g star anise
      5 cinnamon stick
      1 vanilla pod
    5g lime zest
  30g sugar
  30g (64%) Cacao Barry extra bitter guayaquil
  45g (40.5%) Cacao Barry chocolate ghana
  20g (31,1%) Cacao Barry chocolate lactée caramel
 4.5g Gelatin
  65g egg yolks


1. Simmer together the cream, spices, vanilla and sugar then cover with a fillm
2. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes then strain. If needed then add some cream in order to obtain 340g and add chocolate
3. Make the mass then boil again, and add previously soaked gelatin
4. Add the egg yolks
5. Mix well and let cool down in the fridge then spread on each pastry with 240g per circle

Chocolat origine mexique mousse

115g egg yolks
  45g sugar
63g (35%) fresh cream
240g (66%) Cacao Barry chocolate mexique
410g (35%) cream


1. Beat the eggs with sugar, and boil the cream to make crème anglaise
2. Strain into chocolate chips of the origine Mexique
3. Let cool down until 38°C then add whipped cream
4. Build up the cake upside down, and prepare a sheet and film.
5. Above put a form then pour the mousse into the form, 335g per pastry
6. Above put all over all the layers, biscuit up
7. Make the mousse edges even then freeze

Dark chocolate glazing

Pure Water
Crystal Sugar
Cocoa Powder
Cream (35%)


1. Soak the gelatine in cold water then squeeze well
2. Boil the water with sugar then add the cocoa sugar before mixing well with an egg whisk
3. Boil the cream and add the soaked gelatin
4. Pour into the cocoa mass then strain
5. Stir from time to time then glaze the pastry at 23°C