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Cherry Blossom - Ruth Hinks

Cherry Blossom

Morello Cherry pate de fruit

330g morello cherry puree (boiron)
     6 drops of cherry natural extract
  35g sugar
  65g yellow pectin
  65g glucose
    6g tartaric acid solution 


1. Mix the pectin with the 35g of sugar
2. Warm the puree to 45°C
3. Mix in the sugar and pectin into the warm cherry mix
4. Cook for a few minutes and add the glucose and sugar and bring to the boil
5. Cook to 107°C and add the tartaric acid solution
6. Pour into your frame and allow to cool. 

Ghana Ganache

120g whipping cream
220g (40%) Cacao Barry ghana 
5g (100%) Cacao Barry mycryo cocoa butter
25g invert sugar
25g butter 


1. Bring the cream to the boil.
2. Partly melt the chocolate, invert sugar and Mycryo cocoa butter.
3. Make and emulsion and slowly add the butter and finish with a hand blender.
4. Pour the ganache over the cherry pate de fruit and allow to set

Cara Crakine Crunchy Base

 300g Cara Crakine Cacao Barry


1. Roll Cacao Barry Cara Crackine between two pieces of silicone paper and freezer, once frozen remove paper and set on ganache.



  1. Spread a thin layer of Fleur de Cao 70% on Cara Crakine Crunchy Base, cut then dip in Fleur de Cao 70% and decorate.