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The Orchard - Ruth Hinks

The Orchard

Madifrolio Chocolate Mousse

        basic custard
250g whipping cream
250g milk
100g egg yolks
  50g caster sugar
300g custard base
450g whipped cream
325g (65%) Cacao Barry madifrolio


1. Make a crème Anglaise and form an emulsion with the chocolate
2. Fold in whipped Cream

Prune Sponge

  80g (75%) Cacao Barry grated Tanzanie chocolate
  10g brown sugar
  40g inverted sugar
100g T45 flour 
    4g baking powder
    2g cinnamon powder
  10g cocoa powder
130g whole eggs
130g liquid clarified butter
  50g chopped prunes (soaked prunes in armagnac) 


1. Mix the dry ingredients together.
2. Mix the eggs & melted butter.
3. Combine the two mixtures, add chopped soaked prunes & leave to rest overnight before baking.
4. Bake at 180°C for 15 – 20 minutes.

Plum Jelly - (150g per ring)

450g plum puree
    1g ascorbic acid
  10g caster sugar
  75g glucose
 6.5g pectin NH
  15g sugar
      1 vanilla pod
  10g plum powder


1. Bring the all the ingredients to the boil and boil for 5 minutes.
2. Weigh 150g into your ring and freeze.

Plum Cremeux - (150g per ring)

  84g whipping cream
  15g trimoline
  15g glucose
120g plum puree
145g (65%) Cacao Barry alto el sol
  75g cold whipping cream


1. Heat the cream, trimoline and glucose and add the plum puree.
2. Stir in half the mixture to the chocolate and make and emulsion.
3. Add the other half of the mix and blend well.
4. Add the cold un-whipped cream and pour 150g onto the set Plum Jelly.

Crumble Layer - (50g per ring)

20g butter
10g (100%) Cacao Barry mycryo cocoa butter
30g flour T45 soft
20g dark soft brown sugar
10g ground almonds
30g paillet feuilletine
   1 zest of a lemon


1. Make a crumble with all the ingredients.
2. Weigh into a ring 50g and bake at 170˚C degrees until light and golden.
3. Once it is cooked and cooled, spray with cocoa butter and milk chocolate prevent humidity.

Chocolate Glaze

150g water
125g sugar
175g glucose
100g condense milk
  20g gelatine
150g (80%) Callebaut chocolate


1. Boil the water, sugar and the glucose syrup.
2. Add the condensed milk and the soaked leaf gelatine.
3. Pour over the coverture.
4. Emulsify well and pass.
5. Keep covered and use at 40° to coat frozen cakes.


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