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English Country Garden. - Ruth Hinks

English Country Garden.

Chocolate and Lemon Cremeux

75g sugar
26g butter
10g glucose
83g whipping cream
41g lemon juice
96g Cacao Barry ghana 40%


1. Make a dry caramel with the sugar and add the glucose.
2. Then add the butter, lemon juice and cream.
3. Pour this over the milk couverture and hand blend till smooth.
4. chill until needed

Lemon Curd

75g lemon juice
55g golden caster sugar
50g egg
20g egg yolk
  2g gelatine
40g unsalted butter


1. Mix all your Ingredients together in the thermomix heat to 90˚C.
2. Once cooked add the gelatine cool to 60˚C and add butter, pipe into small sphere moulds and freeze.

Chocolate Biscuit base (12cm x 2.5cm)

75g butter
75g dark soft sugar
60g flour
15g cocoa powder
75g ground almonds
       QS salt 
       QS vanilla


1. Cream butter and sugar, add yolks and salt.
2. Add flour, cocoa and baking powder and mix to a paste.
3. As soon as it comes together stop machine, rest for an hour and roll out.
4. Bake at 160˚C for about 15 minutes

Madifrolio Chocolate Mousse

        basic custard
250g whipping cream
250g milk
100g egg yolks
  50g caster sugar 
300g mousse bustard base
350g Cacao Barry madifrolio 65%
450g whipped cream 35%


1. Make a crème Anglaise and form an emulsion with the chocolate
2. Fold in whipped Cream

Raspberry Pain de Gens (12cm x 1.5cm)

120g eggs
120g almond paste
  37g butter 
  22g flour
 1.5g baking powder
 4.5g raspberry liquor 
  75g crushed frozen raspberries


1. Whisk your eggs and warmed almond paste together light and fluffy.
2. Melt the butter mix with a little batter and fold back into mixture add raspberry liquor.
3. Fold in dry ingredients
4. Spread onto a baking sheet and sprinkle with frozen raspberries.
5. Bake at 200˚C for about 6-8 minutes, spray with alcohol.
6. Cut into required sizes.

Whipped Milk Chocolate Ganache

   56g whipping cream
     6g glucose
     6g sugar
77.5g (40%) Cacao Barry ghana
 130g cold whipping cream 


1. Bring to the boil your cream, sugar and glucose.
2. Pour this over the milk chocolate and hand blend.
3. Cool slightly and add cold un-whipped cream
4. Chill well whip to required consistency.

Chocolate Arabesque Tuille

100g isomalt
100g sugar
200g glucose
  90g chocolate 100%


1. Make a light caramel with the Isomalt, sugar and glucose.
2. Add the 100% Chocolate and stir well until shiny and smooth..
3. Spread onto a Silpat allow to cool and blend in the Thermomix to fine powder
4. Dust onto a Silpat mat and cook for a few minutes until it melts.
5. Set aside ready to use.

Raspberry Jelly

 125g boiron raspberry puree
0.65g agar agar 
      1 leaf gelatine


1. Heat the puree and add the agar.
2. Bring to the boil and add the gelatine.
3. Pipe into the small sphere moulds and allow to set.

Raspberry Gel

75g boiron raspberry puree
75g carma mirror glaze


  1. Blend the two together and chill to 4° until ready to use.

Chocolate Ganache for Truffle

20g egg yolk
75g cream
62g Cacao Barry madifrolio 65%
12g trimoline 
      QS elderflower extract


1. Make a ganache with the cream, trimoline and chocolate.
2. Mix in the egg yolk and add extract and allow to cool.
3. Pipe into truffle shells and freeze.

Beignets Batter

  20g cocoa powder
  80g flour
  20g chopped cocoa nibs
100g milk
  40g muscavado sugar
  40g egg 
    2g baking powder
         pinch salt


1. Place the dry ingredients into a bowl and add the liquid to form a smooth batter add cocoa nibs.
2. Dip truffles in batter and fry in oil, dust with icing sugar and serve.



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