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Honey Comb - Ruth Hinks

Honey Comb

Yuzu Caramel

200g sugar
  70g cream
  45g yuzu juice
  60g unsalted butter 


1. Caramelise the sugar and heat your cream
2. Add boiled cream, Yuzu and butter to the sugar caramel  bring to the boil
3. Boil until 104°C 

Sesame Praline

        sesame crunch
  70g sugar
  18g heather honey
    1g salt
  10g roasted sesame seeds
  50g sesame crunch 
100g Callebaut pure nut paste
100g (40,5%) Cacao Barry origin ghana


1. Cook sugar and honey to a light golden caramel and add roasted sesame seeds and salt.
2. Pour the mixture onto a DEMARLE Silpat mat, when cool grind in Thermomix to a fine powder
3. Mix sesame powder with Callebaut pure nut paste, and Cacao Barry Origin Ghana 40.5% 4. Roll to 2 mm thickness between silicone paper.
5. Cut into small squares. 

Pink Peppercorn and Honey Ganache


150g whipping cream
10g heather honey
8g pink peppercorns
60g (70%) Cacao Barry cuba
40g (35.5%) Cacao Barry lactee superieure 
10g unsalted butter 


1. Heat Cream, honey and peppercorns and allow to infuse and pass.
2. Form an emulsion with both chocolates and the cream infusion.
3. Blend and add soft butter.
4. Pipe into your chocolate moulds lined with Cacao Barry Tanzania 75%



  1. Line Moulds with chocolate, fill with Yuzu caramel, ganache and sesame praline, seal off with chocolate and honey comb transfer sheet.