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OPEN SESAME - Yiğit Zeyneloğlu


Sesame Pralin

500g sesame seeds
100g water
400g caster sugar
300g almond and hazelnut paste (pramano-T14)
100g tahini (sesame paste)


1. Mix water and sugar together to make caramel.
2. When caramel is ready take out saucepan from the stove, add sesame seeds and stir with a spatula.
3. Let it compeletly cool. Crack into small pieces
4. Mix Almond paste and Tahini together. Transfer all ingredients including sesame pieces into a blender machine and blend well until fine paste.
5. Keep it aside.

Crusty Sesame Layer

300g sesame pralin
  60g roasted sesame seeds (origin from the southeast of Turkey)
  40g cacao butter
180g finely crushed caramel (made of 100 g fondant & 100g glucose)


1. Melt the cacaobutter and mix all ingredients together.
2. Use plastic frame 36x27cm wide 3mm height with plastic sheet underneath.
3. Spread Sesame layer evenly into the frame. Let it crystalize.

Fresh Lemon Ganache

100g (30%) cream
  43g glucose
105g lemon juice
    1g lemon zest
240g (70%) Callebaut sao thome dark chocolate 
140g (32%) Callebaut java milk chocolate
  41g butter


1. Put cream, glucose, lemon juice and lemon zest in a saucepan and just boil.
2. Pour over the chocolate drops and blend well.
3. At 36C degree adds butter and blend well.
4. When ganache is 32C degree, put another 2 frames 6mm high on sesame layer. And spread ganache over.

Add Assembling / Finishing details


1. When it is completely crystalized brush thinly both sides.
2. Cut oval shapes from it.
3. Dip in tempered chocolate,place on plastic sheet.
4. Before it is crystalized decorate with candied lemon zest and small pieces of sesame nougatine.