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INTERIOR COLOURS - Yiğit Zeyneloğlu


Pistachio and Kadayif Crunch

100g white chocolate
  25g cacao butter
100g pistachio puree (from a special origin of Turkey)
    8g pistachio oil
  50g kadayif (angel hair)


1. Melt the white chocolate and cacao butter together in a bowl.
2.Add pistachio puree and oil and mix them with chocolate mixture.
3. Roast Kadayif in oven at 160C for 15 min. Finally add it to the other mixture.

Turmeric and Ginger Cremeux

265g fresh cream
105g whole fat milk
  30g caster sugar
  61g egg yolks
  30g caster sugar
  36g gelatine mass
    4g turmeric in powder
  45g fresh ginger (cut in dices)


1. Just boil cream,milk, turmeric, sugar and fresh ginger in a saucepan. Infuse 10min. then take out the ginger chunks.
2. Mix egg yolks and second part of sugar. Then add to first mixture and cook it until 82C degree on the stove.
3. Finally add gelatine mass. Allow to cool until 30C degree.

Sacher Biscuit

126g marzipan 
  84g caster sugar
103g egg yolks
  86g whole eggs
158g egg white
  47g caster sugar
  63g flour T55
  39g cacao powder
  39g butter


1. Whip marzipan, 84g sugar,egg yolks and whole eggs in the mixer until it gets fluffy.
2. In another mixer whip egg whites and sugar to make merengue.
3. Sieve cacao powder and flour together.
4. Melt butter.
5. First mix merengue with egg yolk mixture, carefully fold in dry ingredients. Finally fold in melted butter.
6. Use 16cm diameter oval ring. Pipe in the ring 80g of mixture for each ring on a tray, with baking sheet.
7. Bake at 160C for 15min.

Imbibage Madagascar

  66g sugar syrup (baume 30)
  33g (67%) Callebaut madagascar chocolate
101g water


1. Heat Syrup and water in a saucepan until 50C degree.
2. Add chocolate blend well. Allow to cool.

Chocolate Pate a Bomb

172g (64%) Cacao Barry extra-bitter guayaquil
  49g egg yolks
  94g sugar syrup (baume 30)
306g (30%) fresh cream


1. Mix egg yolks and sugar syrup in a saucepan and cook carefully until 82Cdegree.
2. Whip eggyolk mixture in blender until fluffy,
3. Melt chocolate until 60C degree
4.Whip cream until soft peak.
5. Carefully fold eggyolk mixture and chocolate together. Finally fold in whipped cream.


218g water
209g glucose
566g caster sugar
413g fresh cream
156g cacao powder
  62g invert sugar
  32g powder gelatine
174g water  


1. Boil water, glucose, caster sugar until 110C degree.
2. Heat fresh cream at 50C add cacao powder mix well. Add to sugar syrup
3. Add invert sugar at 60C.
4. Mix gelatine with cold water allows absorbing.
5. Add gelatin mix at 60C.
6. Pass through fine sieve.



1. Pipe 120g of Kadayif Crunch into 16cm diameter ring.Allow to set.
2. Pour 180g cold 'Cremeux' into the same ring. Allow to set in fridge.
3. Soak sacher buscuit with 45g of imbibage. Place it on top of the 'Cremeux'. Freeze.
4. Take a 18cam diameter oval ring. Pipe 'pate a bombe' to side of the ring. Take the ring from the freezer and place it into the ring with 'pate a bombe'. Close the ring with 'pate a bombe' and freeze it.
5. To glaze, place the cake on a wired rack underneath pastry tray. When the glaze is at 35-40C pour over the cake. Allow to set. After glazing decorate the cake.