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THE BRIDGE - Yiğit Zeyneloğlu


Yogurt Cremeux for the small cake

186g sieved yogurt (greek yogurt)
  36g (35%) fresh cream
  36g honey
  56g glucose
  30g gelatine mass
100g fresh raspberries 


1. Heat cream,honey,glucose and gelatine mass to 45C.
2. Finally mix with yoghurt.
3. Prepare 5cm diameter sphere silicone mould. Fill each sphere with 10gr of raspberries after that fill 10g yoghurt cremeux on top. Freeze. 

Hazelnut Crunch Layer for the small cake

  15g cacao butter
  20g hazelnut paste (PNP-T14)
130g hazelnut praline (PRA-T14)
 0.5g sea salt
  30g feuilltine (M-7PAIL-401)
    ½ vanilla pod


1. Melt Cacao butter and mix all ingredients together.
2. Take sphere mould from freeze and pipe 10g each of the mixture on top of the yogurt cremeux and freeze again.

Mousse for the small cake

100g whole milk
  25g brown sugar
  15g gelatine mass
150g (70%) Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue dark chocolate
250g whipping cream 


1. Heat milk and sugar to 50C then add gelatine mass.
2. Mix with chocolate and carefully fold in whipped cream.
3. Take a double mould silicone (reference number SF053) fill half of the mould with chocolate mousse then place raspberry and yogurt cremeux part in the middle and close mould chocolate mousse and freeze.
4. Coat the small cake with chocolate glaze.

Cacao Glaze

218g water
209g glucose
566g caster sugar
413g fresh cream
156g cacao powder
  62g invert sugar
  32g powder gelatine
174g water


1. Boil water, glucose, caster sugar until 110C degree.
2. Heat fresh cream at 50C add cacao powder mix well. Add to sugar syrup
3. Add invert sugar at 60C.
4. Mix gelatine with cold water allow to absorb.
5. Add gelatin mix at 60C.
6. Pass trough fine sieve.

Kadayif Croustillant

32g butter
60g kadayif (angel hair)
20g icing sugar
  4g malto dextrin
  8g (64%) Cacao Barry extra-brute cacao powder


1. Mix all dry ingredients in bowl.
2. Melt the butter and mix with dry ingredients.
3. Take 15g of mixture and make it flat and give the form and bake it for 15min in 160C oven.

Deep fried chocolate truffle filling

60g (29.2%) Cacao Barry blanc satin white chocolate
50g (35%) cream
30g pistachio (from the origin southeast of Turkey)


1. Boil cream and mix with chocolate and mix with ground pistachio.
2. When it is 30C fill dark chocolate truffle shells and allow to set.

Beignet Batter

75g milk
63g flour
30g caster sugar
30g whole eggs
  2g baking powder
25g butter
90g white bread crumbs


1. Except bread crumbs mix all of it.
2. Coat dark chocolate shells with batter after that dip in bread crumbs roll each truffle by your hand evenly.
3. Fry truffles in 180C in sunflower oil for 2-3 min.

Citrus and Basil Sorbet

150g fresh lemon juice
100g fresh orange juice
  50g caster sugar
  12g sorbet stabilizator
    2g fresh basil (finely chopped)



1. Mix fruit juices,sugar and stabilizator with blender. Add basil.
2. Transfer it to Kitchen aid with paddle attachment. Pour enough liquid nitrogen slowly on medium speed until sorbet comes to - 3C. Keep it in freezer.

Candied Pumpkin

100g pumpkin
300g caster sugar
100g limestone
     1 tespoon lemon juice


1. Mix 2 lt of water with limestone in a saucepan. Wait until limestone goes down to bottom of the saucepan.
2. Take out the clean water from the surface to another bowl.
3. Cut pumpkins in round shape with Melon baller tool.
4. Soak in the limestone water for overnight.
5. Wash evenly pumpkins with generous water.
6. Boil sugar,water and lemon juice. Add pumpkins,cook for 40 min 

White Chocolate Pistachio Marzipan

100g pistachio
50g (29.2%) Cacao Barry satin white chocolate

1. Blend pistachio in Robocoupe to fine paste.
2. Mix with melted white chocolate and make a dough.

Blueberry Coulis

100g fresh bluberries
100g icing sugar
     1 tablespoon lemon juice


1. Mash blueberries and icing sugar together in a bowl. Add lemon juice. Keep it overnight.
2. Blend with machine, pass through fine sieve.

Begonia Flower Pesto

100g fresh begonia flower
  50g caster sugar 
  2-3 drops lemon juice


1.Paste all ingredients in mortar with a pestle.

Pistachio Sauce

100g non-fat milk
100g white chocolate
  40g ground pistachio


1.Boil Milk and mix with white chocolate,then add pistachios. Allow to cool.

Dark Chocolate crumbels

50g Malto-sec
100g (55%) camao barry excellence dark chocolate


1. Melt the chocolate and mix with malto-sec.
2. Blend it until it becomes crumble.