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Caramel Ganache with Sea Salt

152g caster sugar
  52g butter
235g fresh cream
104g glucose
 1.5g sea salt
  75g Cacao Barry Papouasie milk chocolate 35.8%
  50g Cacao Barry excellence dark chocolate 55%


1. Cook sugar to dry caramel, add small pieces of butter and mix.
2. Add salt to caramel
3. Boil Cream and glucose together. Mix with chocolate callets to make ganache.
4. Finally mix caramel and ganache together. Allow to cool. 

Fresh Orange Marmelade

277g bio oranges
277g orange juice
150g caster sugar
  50g confectioners sugar
    4g pectin Nh 


1. Make holes on the oranges with a knife and boil in generous quantity of water for 30 min.
2. After boiling cut oranges in dices and blend it with orange juice. Add 150g of sugar. Place on fire.
3. Mix 50g of sugar with Pectin.
4. At 60C add pectin to orange mixture. Boil for one minute. Take out from the stove. Allow to cool

Candied Orange Zests

     4 medium bio oranges
200g caster sugar
200g water


1. Peel the zest from the oranges in strips with a knife.
2. Boil the zest in generous quantity of water until tender.
3. Boil the sugar and 200g of water to make syrup.
4. Put zests in syrup and keep it until cool.
5. Before using drain zests on a paper to take out excess syrup.



1. Pipe very thin orange colour into the mould.
2. Pour tempered dark chocolate into the mould to make the shell.
3. Pipe orange marmelade into the mould till half height.
4. Pipe caramel ganache into the mould and let crystalize at 18C.
5. Seal the mould with tempered dark chocolate and put transfer sheet before set.
6. When set demould and decorate pralines with candided orange zests on top