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Great Wall - Lei Fu Veng

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Great Wall

Almond chocolate dacquise

290g sugar
290g egg white
170g dark chocolate (extra-bitter guayaquil)
290g almond ground
200g pecan 
   1g salt


1. Toast the almond ground and pecan nut
2. Melt the chocolate, egg white and sugar whip up and mix with almond ground and chocolate ,bake at 170c 15 to 18 min

Jasmine tea Chocolate Mousse

200g cream
260g dark chocolate (Saint-Domingue) 
  20g jasmine tea
400g whipping cream 
   3g gelatine


1. Bring to boil 200g cream with jasmine tea, let it soak at 20 min ,
2. Gelatine to soak in cold water, filter the tea cream if not enough add some more cream
3. Reheat the cream to 85ºc add the soft gelatine and pour into chocolate
4. Mix it well with whipping cream

Jasmine tea Blackcurrant jelly

280g water
150g blackcurrant puree (capfruit)
114g sugar
  18g gelatine
  20g jasmine tea


1. Bring to boil 500g water with jasmine tea let it soak at 20 min ,
2. Soak gelatin in cold water and filter the tea
3. Take 280g with blackcurrant puree and sugar to boil and add the soft gelatine  

Milk chocolate glaze

480g cream
360g milk chocolate (lactee superieure 38,2%)
  10g gelatine
  60g icing sugar
  80g glucose 


1. Gelatine soak in cool water let it soft, boil the cream with glucose , icing sugar pour into milk chocolate mix well and add soft gelatine

Crunch base

150g cara crakine (cacao barry)


1. Put on the plastics sheet cover one more on top roll it to almost 2mm thick . 

Earl grey cream

375g cream
85g egg yolk
  65g sugar
    5g gelatine
  20g earl grey tea
125g butter


1. Bring to boil cream and earl grey tea and cover with plastics film let it soak at 20 min
2. Filter the cream and add more cream to 375g ,gelatine soak into cold water , sugar and egg yolk whipping up ,
3. Reheat the cream and pour into egg yolk return to sauce pan cook at 85ºc ,let it cool down to 34ºc add the soft butter using hand blender to blend it smooth. 



  1. Red and gold chocolate decoration.