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WAR - Lei Fu Veng

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Chocolate brownies

150g dark chocolate 70% (Saint-Domingue)
150g butter
    1g salt
625g cake flour
    1g baking powder
 1.5g coffee powder
125g icing sugar
     2 pcs egg
     1 pc vanilla pod
100g walnut 


1. Melt the chocolate and the butter , mix the egg, vanilla and the icing sugar,
2. Add the sifted flour, salt, baking powder and the coffee powder.
3. Combine and add the walnut.

Chocolate creamy

100g cream
100g milk
  50g sugar
  40g egg yolk
130g dark chocolate 70% (Saint-Domingue) 


1. Boil the milk, mix the eggs yolk and the sugar, combine and cook to 85c.
2. Add the gelatin and pour on the chocolate
3. Make a ganache with a hand-mixer.

Paillete feuilletine

   50g white chocolate (Blanc Satin)
12.5g cocoa butter
 225g pure nut pastes(Cacao Barry)
 100g Feuilletine (Cacao Barry)


1. Melt the white chocolate and the cocoa butter, add the pastes and mix.
2. Add the paillete feuilletine. Spread very fine between two sheets of paper

Chocolate mousse

 125g Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue dark chocolate (70%)
65.5g cream
12.5g milk
 150g eggs white
   30g sugar


1. Boil the cream and the milk, pour into the chocolate little by little.
2. Whisk up the eggs white and the sugar. Combine at 50c.


150g cake flour
100g brown sugar
  30g almond powder
    1g salt
  80g butter 


1. Mix all the ingredients together until you have a texture like crumble
2. Bake 160c 18 min and cool down

Coconut tulie

112.5g butter
   180g icing sugar 
      1g salt 
   100g cake flour 
      1g baking powder 
   150g egg white 
  62.5g coconut desicated 
      2g cinnamon powder


1. Soften the butter and blanch with icing sugar,
2. Add half the egg whites then the sieved flour
3. Add the remaining egg whites and coconut desiccated. 

Raspberry balsami sauce

 250g raspberry puree(capfruit)
 125g sugar
  2.5g yellow pectin
12.5g lemon juice
   15g balsami black vinegar


1. Sugar mix with yellow pectin pour into raspberry puree and bring to boil to 105c
2. Add the lemon juice and balsamic vinegar cover the plastic film and let cool down.

White chocolate parfait

375g cream
  80g sugar
  30g water
150g egg yolk
100g white chocolate(blanc satin)
    2g gelatin


1. Gelatin soaked into the ice water, sugar and water cook to 120c
2. Pour into the whipped egg yolk and add the melted gelatin ,whipped until room temperature
3. Pour into melt chocolate and whipping cream.

Chocolate ganache

113g cream
  16g trimoline
113g dark chocolate (sanit-domingue)
  81g milk chocolate (lactee superieure)
  16g butter


1. Bring to boil the cream and trimoline
2. Pour into the chocolate and mix it when cool down to 35c, add the soft butter and using hand mixer to blend it smooth.
3. Put in the tray frozen it and cut 1cm x 1cm square.  

Deep fried chocolate balls

     5 pcs fillo pastry
100g butter
100g eggs
200g bread crumbs
600g vegetables oil


1. Vegetables oil heat up to 170c
2. Filo pastry cut to 5cm x 5cm and brush some butter and wrap up 1 pc frozen chocolate ganache.
3. Cover eggs liquid and bread crumbs and deep fried to golden color.

coating chocolate

400g milk chocolate
100g cocoa butter


1. Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter to 45ºc cool down to 35ºc



  1. Coconut tulie, pailete feuilletine and crumble is crispy, parfait is cold and deep fried chocolate ball is hot, sauce and mousse .