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The ghost of beehive – the idea of taste - Daniel Staron

The ghost of beehive – the idea of taste


345g Callebaut dark chocolate 811NV
240g organic butter
150g whole eggs
145g lime-tree honey
  75g almond flour
  27g Extra Brute cocoa powder 
    3g baking powder
    1g Wieliczka origine salt


1. Melt down butter and chocolate
2. Whisk eggs with honey
3. Combine and sift together cocoa powder, almond flour and baking powder
4. Add salt, emulsify chocolate mixture with pate bombe
5. Add dry ingredients
6. Transfer onto baking sheet, bake at 170 ºC

Chocolate Genoise

270g whole eggs
  50g caster sugar #1
170g egg whites
185g caster sugar #2
165g wheat flour
  60g coarse wheat flour
  35g Extra Brute cocoa powder
    6g full fat milk powder
  25g organic butter 
    2g Wieliczka origine salt


1. Separately whisk eggs with sugar #1 and egg whites with sugar #2
2. Sift all dry ingredients apart from salt
3. Combine pate bombe and meringue
4. Add all dry ingredients
5. Emulsify with melted butter
6. Bake at 180 ºC

Centaurea pollen crunch

  73g caster sugar
  18g glucose syrup
  10g centaurea pollen
    1g Wieliczka origine salt
100g pure pecan paste
  70g Callebaut milk chocolate Arriba 39%
  30g honey milk chocolate


1. Dry caramelize glucose syrup and sugar
2. Add centaurea pollen and salt
3. Pour over chocolate and pecan paste
4. Roll out the mixture between two silpats


  87g cream 36%
  23g inverted sugar
  29g glucose syrup
165g dark chocolate Sao Thome 70%
  35g organic butter


1. Heat the cream with glucose syrup and inverted sugar to 80 ºC
2. Emulsify with chocolate
3. When the ganache reaches 35-38 ºC emulsify with butter

Lemon and ginger mousse

195g whole eggs
  90g egg yolk
155g caster sugar
    1g lemon zest
120g lemon juice
  60g ginger juice
 0,5g saffron powder
    4g gelatin leaves 180bloom
142g cream 36%


1. Combine eggs, egg yolks and sugar
2. Separately bring to boil lemon zest, lemon juice, ginger juice and saffron
3. Pour over egg mixture and bring to boil again
4. Remove from heat add hydrated gelatine and chill to 35 ºC
5. Combine with semi-whipped cream

Cinnamon caramel

80g caster sugar
95g cream 36%
15g cinnamon sticks
  8g Extra Brute cocoa powder
75g honeydew honey
  1g Wieliczka origine salt
90g organic butter
60g cocoa butter


1. Make an hot infusion with cream and cinnamon sticks
2. Add cocoa powder, honey and dry caramelized sugar
3. Deglaze it with the infusion
4. Add Salt
5. Chill to 35 ºC
6. Emulsify with butter and melted cocoa butter

Marjoram and Madagascar mousse

300g cream 36%
    3g marjoram
278g marjoram infusion
226g Callebaut dark chocolate Madagascar 67%
355g cream 36%


1. Prepare a hot infusion with cream and marjoram
2. Emulsify infusion with chocolate
3. When ganache reaches 35-40 ºC add semi-whipped cream

Crème anglaise

140g cream 36%
140g milk 3,2%
  30g caster sugar
  80g egg yolk


1. Heat all ingredients in a pan
2. Blend with the hand blender while heating

Arriba mousse

135g crème anglaise
165g milk chocolate Arriba 39%
215g cream 36%


1. Emulsify crème anglaise with chocolate
2. Add semi-whipped cream

Chocolate and honey glacage

200g milk 3,2%
150g caster sugar
220g mineral water
153g buckwheat honey
  57g Extra Brut cocoa powder
  17g gelatin leaves 180bloom
  33g dark chocolate Sao Thome 70%


1. Bring first four ingredients to boil
2. Remove from heat add hydrated gelatine and cocoa powder
3. Blend and strain, emulsify with chocolate

Lemon glacage

220g lemon juice
    1g saffron powder
250g caster sugar
220g mineral water
  55g glucose syrup
  17g gelatin leaves 180bloom
    2g Callebaut dark chocolate Sao Thome 70%
    4g titanium dioxide


1. Bring first five ingredients to the boil
2. Add hydrated gelatin
3. Add titanium dioxide
4. Strain and add chocolate