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Forest swarm– the elements of the taste - Daniel Staron

Forest swarm– the elements of the taste

Chocolate and Pistachio Sponge Cake

280g Callebaut dark chocolate 811NV
200g organic butter 
  65g honeydew honey
250g whole eggs
  60g wheat flour
    5g baking powder
100g delicately roasted whole pistachios


1. Melt down first three ingredients over bain-marie
2. Take it off the heat, and add whole eggs
3. Add dry ingredients and nuts
4. Bake at 180ºC

Truffle oil stones

10g maltodextrin
10g truffle oil


  1. Combine all ingredients.

Fruits of the forrest foam

200g raspberries
100g blackberries
100g huckleberries
100g pine syrup
  40g proespuma (sosa)


1. Blend the fruits and pass through fine sieve
2. Scale 290g of fruit puree and add syrup and proespuma, blend with hand blender
3. Transfer into siphon and charge with two N20 cartridges

Royal jelly and orange sorbet

600g orange puree
100g smoked honey
    4g royal jelly
  50g prosorbet (sosa)


1. Blend all ingredients
2. Transfer to beaker
3. Freeze and pacotize

Lemon and ginger mousse

195g whole eggs
  90g egg yolk
155g caster sugar
    1g lemon zest
120g lemon juice
  60g ginger juice
 0,5g saffron powder
    4g gelatin leaves 180bloom
142g cream 36%


1. Combine eggs, egg yolks and sugar
2. Separately bring to boil lemon zest, lemon juice, ginger juice and saffron
3. Pour over egg mixture and bring to boil again
4. Remove from heat add hydrated gelatine and chill to 35 ºC
5. Combine with semi-whipped cream

Madagascar mousse

278g crème anglaise
226g dark chocolate Madagascar 67%
355g cream 36%


1. Prepare hot infusion with cream and marjoram
2. Emulsify infusion with chocolate
3. When ganache reaches 35-40 ºC add semi-whipped cream


50g violet sugar


1. Proceed accordingly to the candy-floss machine manual

Fresh basil

Fresh basil


1. Prepare fresh basil

Fresh forrest fruits

Fresh forrest fruits


  1. Prepare fresh forrest fruits