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Mixed nut praline

100g mixed nuts (pecans, macadamias, almonds)
  80g sugar
    1g fleur de sel
  20g Cacao Barry origine Ghana milk vhocolate 40,5 %
  12g Cacao Butter


1. Caramelize the sugar and add the nuts and coat evenly with the caramel
2. Pour over a silicon mat and sprinkle the fleur de sel
3. Let cool down and then grind in a food processor
4. Melt the chocolate and Cacao butter to 45ºC
5. Mix the nut paste with the melted chocolates
6. Cool to 26ºC Pour into a 3mm frame
7. Let crystallize over the pate de fruit

Citrus pâte de fruit

  65g apricot puree
  50g passion fruit puree
  10g lime juice
145g sugar
  45g glucose
    3g pectin yellow ribbon
 1.8g citric acid solution


1. Mix pectin with a small amount of sugar. Warm up the fruit purees
2. Add pectin mix into the purees and slowly bring to the boil
3. Add the rest of the sugar and the glucose
4. Cook to 72ºC add the citric acid solution and mix well
5. Pour into a 2mm frame

Caramel Whipped Ganache

125g heavy cream 35%
    1g vanilla bean
  19g sorbitol powder
    1g fleur de sel
  65g Cacao Barry Guayaquil E.B
120g Cacao Barry Ghana couverture
  75g dry butter 84%
  80g sugar


1. Infuse vanilla bean into the heavy cream
2. Add sorbitol and fleur de sel into the cream
3. Caramelize sugar and stop the cooking with the cream mixture
4. Emulsify the cream into the chocolates
5. Let cool to 35ºC add the butter
6. Let crystallise for at least 12 hours
7. Slowly whip the ganache until desired texture
8. Pour into 6mm frame and let crystallise for 24 hours



  1. Pour the mix nut praline on top of the pate de fruit.
  2. Turn upside down and pour ganache on top of pate de fruit.
  3. Cut in rectangle shape and coat with Cacao Barry Origine Venezuela Couverture