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FAST AND LIGHT - Luis Robledo

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Gingerbread cookie base

200g brown sugar
    2g vanilla bean (scraped)
    2g fleur de sel
160g flour
160g butter 84%
  96g egg whites
  20g spice mix


1. Pre heat the oven to 160ºC
2. Grind all the ingredients in a Robot-Coupe until a fine powder is obtained
3. Add the soft butter and egg whites alternating until a soft batter is obtained
4. Spread between two parchment paper sheets to the desired thickness and form
5. Bake for 14 minutes

Pecan nut dacquoise

125g egg whites
  45g sugar
100g powder sugar
100g pecan nut powder
 1.8g cream of tartar
 5.5g flour


1. Pre heat the oven to 170ºC
2. Make a stiff meringue with the egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar
3. Sift the rest of the ingredients through a fine mesh and delicately incorporate them to the meringue
4. Dust with a fine layer of powder sugar and bake for 18 minutes

Ganache Alto el Sol with vanilla

 165g heavy cream 35%
16.5g glucose DE40 
 110g Cacao Barry alto el col
  0.5g vanilla bean


1. Infuse the vanilla bean into the heavy cream overnight in a sous-vide bag
2. Add glucose
3. Emulsify the warm cream into the chocolate and pour into rings when the temperature of the finished ganache reaches 32ºC

Pecan Nut Crunch

220g pecan nuts
180g sugar
  70g pecan nut paste
  50g butter 84% 
  50g Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate 40%
 0.5g fleur de sel


1. Caramelize the sugar and add the pecan nuts
2. Toss the pecans with the caramelized sugar until completely coated
3. Let them cool down and chop them finely
4. Add the nut paste, the soft butter, fleur de sel and the melted Cacao Barry Ghana 40% Milk Chocolate
5. Pour into rings and freeze

Chocolate-Caramel Cremeux with Cacao Barry Equateur and Ghana Origine rare Chocolates:

  67g sugar
  24g butter demi-sel 345% 
130g heavy cream 35%
    8g glucose DE40
  27g Cacao Barry origine Ghana milk chocolate
  55g origine Equateur dark chocolate


1. Caramelize sugar and stop the cooking process by adding the butter and then the heavy cream
2. Add the glucose and slowly pour over the chocolates
3. Emulsify as a regular ganache
4. Pour into desired rings

Zéphyr White Chocolate and passion fruit-citrus cream

  70g organic whole milk 
  70g heavy cream 35%
    7g vanilla bean
  30g sugar
  10g pasteurized egg yolk
      4 mix gelatin + 20 H2O
210g passion fruit purée
 0.8g lime zest
300g Cacao Barry zéphyr white chocolate 
  26g Cacao Barry mycryo


1. Mix the gelatine leaves with the water
2. Mix the heavy cream. Milk, sugar and egg yolk and cook to 84ºC
3. Then add the soaked gelatine
4. Add the passion fruit puree and zest the mix well
5. Pour over the chopped chocolate and Mycryo and emulsify as a regular ganache
6. Let cool down to 30ºC before pouring into desired rings
7. Freeze

Exotic fruit geléé

 50g mango purée
 50g aprlcot purée
 85g passion fruit purée
 10g lime juice
0.5g lime zest
 12g lemongrass stick
 16g candied ginger
 20g sugar
0.5g vanilla bean
   18 Gelatin mix (3.0 +15 ml de H2O)


1. Mix all fruit purees with the lime zest, lemongrass stick and candied ginger
2. Vacuum pack and let infuse in a 40ºC thermal water bath for 45 minutes
3. Empty the contents of the bag through a fine sieve and add the sugar and gelatine leaves
4. Pour into rings and freeze

Dark Chocolate Mousse

125g whole milk
250g heavy cream 35%
     5 gelatin mix (+25 ml de H2O)
110g Cacao Barry Equateur dark chocolate
  60g home made dark Gianduja


1. Soak the gelatine in water
2. Whip the cream into soft peaks
3. Warm up the milk to 70ºC and add the gelatine
4. Strain over the chocolate and gianduja and emulsify as a regular ganache
5. Mix with the lightly whipped heavy cream when the ganache reaches 40ºC
6. Use immediately

Chocolate glaze

250g sugar
  50g glucose DE40
300g heavy cream 35%
  80g whole milk
150g condensed milk 
   60 gelatin mix (10 gelatin + 50 water)
  10g corn starch
  40g water (to dilute corn starch)
120g Cacao-Barry madirofolo
  90g Cacao-Barry origine Ghana 40%


1. Caramelize the sugar
2. Add the heavy cream to stop the cooking process
3. Mix the cornstarch and the water and add to previous mix
4. Bring to a boil and add the glucose and the condensed milk
5. Add the gelatine into the warm milk to dissolve then add the previous mix
6. Strain over the chocolates and emulsify well
7. Use when the mix reaches 45ºC