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ZAHA - Luis Robledo

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Chocolate ginger ganache

 80g cream
   8g fresh ginger
 15g trimoline
 40g butter
 50g Cacao Barry madirofolo 65%
 60g Cacao Barry Ghana 40.5%
 10g candied ginger
0.5g sal


1. Infuse cream with fresh ginger for 20 minutes
2. Strain a weigh again
3. Add trimoline, salt and chopped candied ginger
4. Warm up and emulsify with couvertures
5. Incorporate butter when the ganache is 35ºC and pour into moulds when temperature reaches 29ºC

Lime-Vanilla caramel with salted butter

180g cream
100g sugar
150g glucose
    2g vanilla bean
  50g salted butter
160g sugar for caramel
  70g cacao butter
  20g lime juice


1. Warm up the cream, sugar and glucose, vanilla to 50ºC let infuse covered with a plastic wrap
2. In the meantime caramelize the sugar until a golden caramel foam appears on top
3. Stop the cooking with the butter and slowly add the hot cream until smooth
4. Cook to 103ºC
5. Pour over the Cacao butter and emulsify with mixer
6. Strain through a fine chinois
7. Add lime juice when the mix reaches 35ºC and pour into moulds when caramel reaches 28ºC

Gianduja Crunch

250g home made gianduja
  50g pure hazelnut paste
  20g butter
  15g Cacao-Barry origine Ghana 40.5%
  60g sable vanilla (recipe below)


1. Melt gianduja Ghana to 35ºC
2. Add hazelnut paste, soft butter and homogenize with blender
3. Cool down to 28ºC and add finely chopped sable
4. Use immediately

Vanilla Sablé

125g soft butter
200g powder sugar
200g flour
    2g vanilla bean
    3g fleur de sel
  50g egg whites
    1g baking powder


1. Combine all ingredients in the food processor until smooth and mix well
2. Spread think over a silicon mat and chill for a few minutes until it hardens
3. Bake in a 160ºC oven until golden brown
4. Let cool down completely
5. Chop the sable finely before it’s used with the gianduja mix



1. Spray moulds with green coloured cocoa butter. Spray a mist of white cocoa butter
2. Fill with lime caramel, then add ginger ganache and finally the gianduja crunch
3. Let crystallise and unmold